Yesterday voters in the blue State of Oregon rescinded a state law giving illegal aliens access to driver cards by voting down Ballot Measure 88. The citizens veto referendum, which was placed on the ballot by an issue committee called Protect Oregon Drivers Licenses (PODL), gave voters an opportunity to decide whether the 2013 law (SB 833) should be implemented. Voters said “No” by a 68-32 margin.

The measure’s demise is a major defeat for illegal-alien advocates. Earlier, they failed to get the state legislature and the courts to re-write the referendum title in a manner favorable to keeping the law. And leading up to the election, they falsely claimed that the 2013 law would require illegal aliens to purchase car insurance and improve highway safety.

“This is a huge win for Oregon voters’ good sense and upholding the rule of law,” declared Cynthia Kendoll, statewide campaign manager for PODL. “Across the board, voters said ‘No’ to the crazy idea of granting special benefits and legal documents to those who have broken the law to enter our country illegally. Voters do not want Oregon to become a magnet for people who break our laws. We were outspent 11-1, but we won because we ran a true grassroots campaign with the help of thousands of dedicated volunteers from all over our great state of Oregon. I hope that our elected leaders from President Obama on down to Governor Kitzhaber and the Oregon legislature get the message that rather than reward illegal entry, the people of Oregon, and Americans in general, want our laws against illegal immigration enforced.”

Kendoll said the Oregon referendum results will have national impact because Oregon was the only state in the nation to have a referendum on the ballot in the 2014 general election that dealt with the subject of illegal immigration – specifically the idea of issuing legal documents to people here illegally. And Oregon is the only state where voters had an opportunity to overturn a law the state legislature passed giving illegal aliens access to get driver’s cards or licenses.

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Updated: Wed, Nov 19th 2014 @ 10:55am EST