NumbersUSA President, Roy Beck, wrote an op-ed that was published on The Hill’s website today on what caused the DACA dilemma and how another amnesty will only increase, not end, this problem.

Read the full op-ed at The Hill.

Since Pres. Trump rescinded DACA last week, there have been multiple proposals offered in how to deal with the nearly 800,000 illegal aliens who received work permits under the unconstitutional executive amnesty. In his op-ed, Roy Beck suggests looking at what caused this problem in the first place.

“A primary reason most of the hundreds of thousands of young-adult Dreamers have grown from childhood to adulthood while illegally in this country is that outlaw employers have been allowed to hire the Dreamers’ parents throughout their childhood.

Most illegal immigrants come — and stay — for the jobs. Congress has always made sure they can get them.”

Beck notes that if Congress passes amnesty, it will only entice more illegal border crossers to bring their kids into the U.S. illegally, creating a new wave of ‘Dreamers’.

“Congress continues to refuse to mandate the well-tested and widely-used E-Verify system. The outlaw employers in construction, manufacturing, hospitality and other services, of course, don't use it. Thus, parents worldwide, at this very moment, are enticed to illegally cross borders and overstay their visas while starting their children on the path to the long-term illegal-status life that Dreamers say is untenable.”

Beck also points out that Congress needs to remember that granting amnesty to these illegal aliens will allow millions of immigrant workers to enter the U.S. with a chance at citizenship through chain migration.

“As soon as amnestied illegal immigrants become U.S. citizens, current law allows them to petition for their parents to also obtain lifetime work permits and permanent residency. In such a case, the sins of the parents not only won’t be visited upon the children, they won’t fall upon the parents, either.

Chain migration categories for extended family multiply the problems of an amnesty. Because of these categories, it is not just the amnestied illegal immigrants who get added to compete permanently and directly with Americans in the legal labor market.”

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Updated: Mon, Oct 2nd 2017 @ 2:40pm EDT