The Senate Judiciary Committee will begin confirmation hearings next week for Pres.-elect Donald Trump's Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama. In advance of the hearing, NumbersUSA President and Founder Roy Beck sent the following letter of endorsement to Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley.

Dear Senator Grassley,

It is my honor to submit this letter of support of Senator Jeff Sessions' nomination to serve as Attorney General of the United States.

I can report with a great deal of certainty that the 8-million-plus members of NumbersUSA's activist network are overwhelmingly thrilled with this nomination, primarily because of what they have seen in Sen. Sessions' handling of immigration matters. Our membership represents a broad cross-section of Americans, fairly evenly distributed over all 535 congressional districts. Our members, staff, board of directors and donors cover the political spectrum of moderates, conservatives and liberals, and of Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

Americans depend on having a chief law enforcement official who will guard their interests with a fierce independence from the institutions of power that can sometimes try to abuse that power to encroach on the rights and quality of life of an individual.

Sen. Sessions has repeatedly displayed that kind of independence throughout his Senate career.

This independence from privileged special interests has been particularly apparent in his nearly two decades of leadership on immigration policy. Sen. Sessions always has made immigration decisions based on protecting the economic interests of hard-working women and men whose incomes and very jobs have been threatened by the desire of various business lobbies to increase the foreign labor competition in their occupations. While Sen. Sessions is a strong endorser of the essential role of entrepreneurs and business owners in creating prosperity for all American citizens, he nonetheless repeatedly resisted the powerful business lobbies when he perceived their requests for non-American workers to be against the interests of the workers of our own national community.

Above all others in Congress, Sen. Sessions took up the pulpit of the late Civil Rights icon Barbara Jordan and her bipartisan U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform by both boldly and carefully championing the interests of the often-forgotten Americans of all races and ethnicities who have been left behind by major shifts in our economy.

Sen. Sessions' commitment to the most vulnerable members of our national community is marked by the Career Grade of A+ that he has earned on our NumbersUSA Worker-Protection Immigration Gradecards. The data in the latest National Academy of Sciences report revealed that our un-reformed immigration policies are most costly to our country's most vulnerable citizens, disproportionately Black and Hispanic Americans. In this regard, Sen. Sessions has been their protector.

As the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama and as Attorney General of Alabama, Sen. Sessions demonstrated a commitment to upholding the U.S. Constitution and law enforcement. His fealty to the rule of law is marked by his past insistence that laws passed by the Legislative Branch and signed by a President should not be later over-turned by the Executive Branch.

Furthering the benefit to Americans of all backgrounds would be an Attorney General Sessions who is committed to actually enforcing laws already on the books. I am pleased to offer my support of his nomination and look forward to working with him as Attorney General of the United States.

Roy Beck, President
NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation

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Updated: Wed, Jul 5th 2017 @ 4:04pm EDT