Since the border surge gained coverage from the mainstream media last month, the Obama Administration has tried to relocate tens of thousands of newly-arrived illegal aliens to communities across the country.

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Click on the symbols on the map for name of each location and what is happening there.  Below the map is the KEY for the symbols.

Relocation Map Key

As with all maps, you can zoom in and out, and click and drag the map for a different view. (For a larger version of this map click here. You can see a full list of all the communities in the left column.)

NumbersUSA is daily updating this interactive map to show which communities are under threat of the federal government moving large numbers of illegal aliens there from the border.

NumbersUSA is providing its members actions they can take to help stop the government's dispersal of illegal aliens in a way that usually means they never go back home. Because people living in communities across the Americas rarely see one of their neighbors ever returned after illegally entering the United States, most of the population in those countries believe crossing the border illegally will bring great rewards.

Become more actively involved by clicking here to send messages to your three Members of Congress to block relocations in your state.

If you have any information about additional communities being targets for relocation -- or if you can correct or add to the information we already have on communities -- please email it to Melanie Oubre at:

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Updated: Fri, Oct 3rd 2014 @ 7:33am EDT