North Carolina American Workers and Sanctuary Cities


The North Carolina House approved H318, a bill that will protect American workers by increasing the use of E-Verify, limiting the types of valid IDs that will be recognized by the local and state authorities, and ending all sanctuary policies for illegal aliens. The bill now moves to Gov. Pat McCrory for his signature.

Under the legislation, all N.C. cities and counties entering into large contracts must require the contracting businesses to use the E-Verify system to make sure all new hires are workplace eligible. According to state Rep. George Cleveland (R-Onslow), this would add around 110,500 employers to the immigration-check system.

"We've allowed a huge illegal population in the state. We've taken away employment from our citizens. We've lowered the wage base because of the illegals working," Cleveland said.

House Bill 318 also eliminates the use of ID cards issued by foreign consulates as valid forms of ID to establish state residency or obtain insurance or public assistance. Some North Carolina localities started recognizing these IDs for official purposes about 20 years ago even though consulates never verify the identities of the people issued cards. This has led to fraudulent uses of these cards.

Rep. Cleveland, who sponsored the bill, noted that, "Illegal aliens cost the state of North Carolina some $1.7 billion net, after all consideration of what they produce in taxes and whatnot toward government support."

Also, the bill prohibits counties and cities from implementing any policy, ordinance, or procedure that limits or restricts the enforcement of federal immigration laws. This would make sanctuary jurisdictions in the state illegal.


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Updated: Mon, May 8th 2017 @ 4:40pm EDT