North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has signed HB 318, which expands on the state's existing mandatory E-Verify law and forbids local jurisdictions from passing sanctuary policies. The state legislature took action on the bill after several high-profile crimes occurred in sanctuary cities over the summer.

"We are a nation of laws," Gov. McCrory said just before signing the bill into law. "No politician should choose which laws to obey and which laws not to obey, and this includes immigration law."

The Protect North Carolina Workers Act takes action against sanctuary cities by prohibiting any North Carolina jurisdiction from passing an ordinance or establishing a policy that forbids a law enforcement officer from cooperating with federal immigration agents.

The bill also cracks down on IDs, requiring state agencies to only accept IDs issued by government entities. The crackdown specifically targets matricula consular cards that are issued by certain organizations to illegal aliens.

HB 318 also strengthens the state's existing mandatory E-Verify by requiring contractors that enter into agreements with North Carolina cities and counties to run all new hires through the workplace verification system.

For more information, please see the Greensboro News and Record.

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Updated: Thu, Nov 12th 2015 @ 3:05pm EST