A new poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates for Secure America Now found that most Americans support strengthening interior enforcement, including ending sanctuary cities and catch-and-release. The online poll surveyed 1,000 likely voters during the first week of February.

The poll asked likely voters if they support blocking federal grants to jurisdictions that refuse to turn criminal illegal aliens over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 59% of likely voters support blocking those grants, including 55% of Independent voters. Only 29% of likely voters oppose the policy.

The poll also gauged support for Pres. Trump's Jan. 25 executive order that ended the existing catch-and-release policy and prioritized the removal of criminal illegal aliens. Under Pres. Obama's catch-and-release policy, Border Patrol agents were ordered to release anyone they came into contact with who claimed to be in the country continuously since the start of 2014. The poll found that 69% of Americans support the executive order, including a majority of Democrats who support the order 50-37.

The poll also asked likely voters if they supported Pres. Trump's Jan. 27 executive order that paused visas for seven countries identified by Pres. Obama and Congress in 2015 as hot spots for terror. 57% of likely voters supported the order compared to 37% who opposed. A majority of Independents, 53%, also supported the order.

Read the poll's full results here.

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Updated: Thu, May 11th 2017 @ 3:32pm EDT