A poll released January 28 found that 88% of registered voters said Congress should address wall funding and amnesty for those eligible for DACA as separate issues, not tie them together as some members of Congress are suggesting.

The question was:

Should a legislative solution on the status of illegal immigrants brought here as children be tied to funding for a border wall or should these two issues be dealt with separately.

The response to this question from registered voters (p. 11) was:

Tied to funding – 10%
Dealt with Separately – 88%
Don’t Know – 2%

The poll also found that registered voters opposed “building a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico” 51% to 46% (p. 9). This result is in-line with other polls conducted over the past few weeks. The question, however, does not reflect the request by the President for various types of barriers along portions of the U.S. border with Mexico, not a solid wall across the entire border.

Updated: Wed, Feb 13th 2019 @ 1:15pm EST