“Bevin has bought the pro-amnesty line that the choice is between mass deportation and mass amnesty,” said Roy Beck, a former journalist who now is the director of NumbersUSA.

The group organization seeks the reduce the current annual inflow of one million immigrants and 650,000 non-agricultural workers.

Bevin’s “totally missed the middle ground of finally requiring all businesses to use E-Verify, fully implementing the entry-exit system for visitors and enforcing other immigration laws on the books. Experience has shown that many of them will go back home if they don’t have jobs and taxpayer support,” Beck said. “Immigration laws in every country are designed to protect the vulnerable members of the national community, [not] a free gift that politicians can hand out to anybody in the world who wants to work hard and make a better life for their families.”

Beck is also wary about McConnell.

“McConnell was a key leader for President George Bush’s giant amnesty effort until Kentuckians rose up in protest in 2007… [and in 2014] he failed to use his leadership to stop passage and [he] actually encouraged the Republicans” who supported the 40-million rewrite, Beck said.

By Neil Munro -- The Daily Caller

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Updated: Mon, Apr 7th 2014 @ 1:11pm EDT