The billionaire, pro-mass immigration Koch network is gearing up for a full-fledged lobbying campaign to push lawmakers to pass an amnesty for up to 3.5 million illegal aliens enrolled or eligible for former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

At the Koch network’s winter summit in Palm Springs, California — as National Review’s Jim Geraghty reported — Charles Koch Foundation President Brian Hooks told attendees more than 200 House Democrats and Republicans have said privately they want to pass an amnesty for DACA illegal aliens but are concerned over backlash.

Still, Hooks and Americans for Prosperity executive Jorge Lima said they are confident that moderate Democrats and Republicans may arise this year to start a pro-DACA amnesty coalition. Hooks said the Koch network’s philosophy on legal and illegal immigration is effectively allowing an unlimited level of foreign nationals to arrive in the U.S. so long as they commit to “contribute” to the economy — regardless of its impact on America’s working and middle class.

The Koch network continues to promote the economic libertarian worldview of free trade-at-all-costs, busting up unions, and mass immigration to keep labor cheap endless for business. The new campaign for DACA amnesty ahead of the 2020 presidential election will come after three years of similar legislative pushes that have failed each time. After the 2018 midterms, when the GOP lost control of the House, the Koch network pleaded with Republicans to quickly pass a DACA amnesty while they still had control of both chambers.

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Updated: Thu, Feb 13th 2020 @ 11:55am EST