President Joe Biden’s amnesty bill will try to accelerate the conversion of amnestied migrants into U.S. voters, according to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in a recent interview with Univision.

“We’re going to reduce the time from what is now, what has been [in prior amnesty legislation] 13 years to eight years,” Harris told the Spanish-language TV station. She continued:

We’re going to be tightening up the whole process for green cards, and making sure that we give people a very defined period of time, from the time that they actually apply for a green card through the time of obtaining citizenship.

Effectively the Biden/Harris admin. is looking to shorten, and better define, the time it'll take for potential new immigrants to receive their green cards. There are two ways to accomplish their goal, end chain migration, or increase annual legal immigration.

For some context, the 13 years Harris mentioned in the quote above references the disastrous Gang of Eight bill, which had a 13-year path to citizenship for illegal aliens who were not Dreamers of Agriculture workers. The Biden/Harris Administration plans on reducing that “path to citizenship” to just eight years and shortening the process even more for TPS recipients and Dreamers.

Harris stated that the Biden administration would try to give citizenship to anyone who got Temporary Protected Status (TPS) from President Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, or Barack Obama:

The immigration process is going to be about shortening the time by creating more and greater efficiencies, allowing people who have Temporary Protected Status — and in particular dreamers and TPS holders — to automatically get green cards.

“The value of Americans’ citizenship would be reduced because Presidents would simply be able to give citizenship out to anybody” after first selecting them for TPS, said Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies. “He could award green cards — which permit citizenship — to anybody he wants from any country in any number — it is appalling.”

A TPS-to-citizenship rule would further reduce American’ power over who gets to be an American, Krikorian added:

It’s a dangerous thing because Congress can change immigration law anyway but that has to be done through a process of debate and deliberation and people have to vote on it, and those people are accountable to voters.

The President, of course, is accountable to voters but this would make any political control over immigration much more difficult … A president would be tempted to use it for whatever purpose they want at the time. It could be to serve business interests. It could be to serve foreign policy interests, to promote the political objectives of the President.

The current rule is that the President can keep out anyone he thinks necessary but needs Congress’s permission to let people in. This would be the other way around — the President would be barred from keeping people out [by the amnesty] and be empowered to let in anyone he felt like [via the TPS rule].

Harris did not suggest that any new amnesty would be coupled with protection for Americans. In fact, the only “enforcement action” that seems to be on the table under Biden and Harris is to increase the number of immigration judges. But since all the judges who will be hired under a Biden/Harris Admin would almost always rule on the side of the alien, calling such actions “enforcement” is almost laughable.

To add to that, Biden’s projected nominee to run DHS is Alejandro Mayorkas. Who, when working at the department during Obama’s administration, pressured officials to ignore fraud and rapidly grant visas and green cards to migrants.

Unsurprisingly, Biden’s pro-migration, cheap-labor policies are very unpopular, in almost all aspects of the American Citizenry. Many polls show that the public no matter their race, sex, education, or occupation prefers that new jobs go to Americans first.

The polls also show that the public strongly opposes the white-collar visa-worker programs that boost Fortune 500 stock prices by suppressing technological competition and job opportunities for American graduates.

The Biden immigration plan will do nothing but “move money from employees to employers, from families to investors, from young to old, from children to their parents, from home buyers to real estate investors, and from the central states to the coastal states.

Uncontrolled mass immigration also allows investors and CEOs to skimp on labor-saving technology, sideline U.S. minorities, ignore disabled people, exploit stoop labor in the fields, shortchange labor in the cities, impose tight control and pay cuts on American professionals, corral technological innovation by minimizing the employment of American graduates, undermine labor rights, and even get many progressive journalists to cheerlead for Wall Street’s priorities,” prudently concludes the Breitbart article.

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Updated: Thu, Jan 28th 2021 @ 12:35pm EST