Earlier this week, U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton issued a preliminary injunction that blocks any enforcement of the Biden deportation pause until further notice.

On Jan. 20th, Acting Homeland Security Secretary David Pekoske directed in a memorandum “an immediate pause on removals of any noncitizen with a final order of removal … for 100 days.”

Texas officials then sued, alleging that the Department of Homeland Security is responsible for promoting the removal of illegal aliens and that the order reneges on a previous agreement between the State and Federal Government.

“Tipton said Tuesday that arguments by Texas officials that they would incur financial costs from having to detain immigrants who otherwise would have been deported and from an increase in unaccompanied children requiring public education were legitimate,” reports the Epoch Times.

Judge Tipton wrote in the 105-page decision:

The Court finds Texas has established by a preponderance of the evidence that it could reasonably expect a 100-day pause to lead to a significant number of criminal aliens and unaccompanied children moving freely within and into Texas who would otherwise be removed.

The 100-day pause will lead to a significant number of criminal aliens moving freely within and into Texas who otherwise would have been removed. Criminal aliens and state offenders have a demonstrable propensity to recidivate. Therefore, the 100-day pause will cause Texas unanticipated detention facility costs.

Tipton had twice blocked the order for two weeks at a time before making the new decision. The preliminary injunction of the pause will remain in place pending a final resolution of the case or until a superseding order is issued from a federal court, such as an appeals court.

Defendants had asked the judge not to issue the injunction, writing:

Texas has failed to show it will be harmed by the temporary removal pause at all, let alone irreparably, as is required for injunctive relief. Multiple statutory provisions expressly preclude review in district court and over the substantive and procedural issues raised here.

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Updated: Fri, Mar 12th 2021 @ 1:55pm EST