Attorney General Jeff Sessions submitted his resignation on Wednesday at Pres. Trump's request. AG Sessions did the most of anyone in the Trump Administration to implement the immigration promises made by Pres. Trump as a candidate in 2016.

NumbersUSA's issued the following statement:

"On behalf of the eight million members of our online network, NumbersUSA is grateful for Attorney General Sessions’ years of service to our nation. He has never wavered from his dedication to the rule of law, and he has done more to enforce our immigration laws than any other Attorney General. His commitment to moving us toward an immigration policy that truly serves our national interest and protects American jobs and wages is inspirational."

As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions:

  • Wrote Pres. Trump's legal reasoning for ending the DACA executive amnesty
  • Took action to end sanctuary cities and defended lawsuits challenging those actions
  • Issued a ruling that strengthened the credible fear standard for asylum-seekers, making it more consistent with federal law
  • Hired more immigration judges to help reduce the backlog of immigration cases
  • Implemented a zero-tolerance policy, charging all illegal border crossers with illegal entry
sanctuary cities

Updated: Thu, Nov 22nd 2018 @ 11:05am EST