Gov. Kim Reynolds signed into law a bill (Senate File 481) that requires police to comply with immigration detainers for illegal aliens in their custody and cracks down on other sanctuary policies. Supporters said the measure will uphold the Rule of Law and help ensure "the safety of all people, citizens and immigrants alike."

In addition to the detainer provision, the law prohibits local governments from adopting policies that discourage participation in immigration enforcement. Those that do can be denied state funds for up to 90 days. Funds that can be sanctioned include road-use tax funds, state property tax replacements, tuition replacement, flood mitigation projects, community college funding, and Iowa Economic Development Authority grants.

The measure also prohibits local governments from restricting police inquiries about immigration status and ensures that illegal aliens are transferred to ICE after completion of a criminal sentence.

The American Civl Liberties Union says the law is unconstitutional and is likely to sue the state. But the measure’s sponsor, Sen. Julian Garrett, pushed back against detractors. "It is legal and it is supported by the public," Garrett said. "It deals with people who are in custody. They have been arrested for something in addition to being in the country illegally. So why is it so objectionable to say that they should be deported?"

Read more in the Sioux City Journal.

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Updated: Fri, Apr 27th 2018 @ 1:45pm EDT