TRAC Report Immigration Judges Allow 57% of their cases to remain in the U.S.


According to a new report by Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), a Syracuse University-based nonprofit, immigration judges are denying DHS’ attempts to deport illegal aliens in 57% of their cases. So far in FY16 immigration judges have released 96,233 illegal aliens, including criminals, back into U.S. communities.

If the judges’ decisions continue at this rate they will exceed last year’s deportation denials that allowed 106,676 illegal aliens to remain in the U.S.

“It’s concerning to me that the immigration courts are becoming such a frequently used back-door route to green cards,” said Jessica Vaughan, director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies. “Many of them arrived illegally, and are being awarded legal status simply because they managed to stay a long time and have acquired family members here,” she continued.

An overwhelming backlog of 500,000 pending cases is causing some judges to become more lenient and allow the illegal alien to stay instead of deporting them and facing the long appeals process. “From the judge’s perspective, because the courts are so backlogged, it is easier to let people stay in the country than actually try to remove them. There are endless layers of appeal and no finality in it,” said Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

Prolonging a case benefits the immigration attorney “because they can charge more fees” and their clients “because the likelihood that they will get to stay in the country increases,” Mehlman commented.

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Updated: Mon, Sep 5th 2016 @ 12:05pm EDT

Richard 9236 of FL's picture

This is exactly what they are hoping to accomplish. Increasing the number of layers of appeal definitely backlogs the system and is another route to increase the workload with the end result of judges doing exactly what you see. This is also a result of so many wanting to be so 'understanding' and politically correct with the election looming. How do you appeal to the Mexican population---let more of them stay as they seem to think that their ancestors/nationality should be privileged. They fail to understand that their positions are threatened also when more and more of them are here to fill job requirements. But then, how do you convince them of such?

You can credit the present administration and all the liberal technology companies (including Disney) for pushing for more and more HB-1 visas and the sanctuary cities for this. Let hillary get elected and you can expect more than is presently being allowed to remain.  

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Jm  2943 of CO's picture

Whats really funny is you have on one hand; Obama allowing in millions of illegals between those who overstay their visas; those who walk over the border; those who turn themselves into ICE / BP; so that the system is very clogged and the other hand; judges not able to do their jobs so they allow the illegals to stay with work permits.  This is what we will have for the next 7 months or so until he is gone and god fib; HRC is elected; we will have more of the same especially since she will appoint the 9th Justice who also doesnt know how the consitution reads and also works.

and the system was already clogged before we added in the 300000 + from Central Amercia.

and Trump may be waffling on deporting the ? illegals already here!  who knows but if he waffles; he loses our vote and alot of others besides.

No amnesty.  NO work permits.  NO nothing but deportation.

Vote Trump for your job / country with limits on immigration / work permits plus deportation.  Remember the 26 state case was a 4-4 tie with SCOTUS.

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Martin  1153 of WA's picture

To Get Trump Elected

We need the Moderate voter base, you know the ones that somewhat half believe the open border MSM heart throbbing for poor IAs just trying to feed their families....

Smart move Trump putting your immigration on a TBD stand in a general wonder Trump has a 160 IQ.  I would of never thought of it.

We need to BEAT HILLARY's devilish One World Government amnesty! Uninformed voters are easily brainwashed by Hillary's MSM and other goons....the Mexican wall comes first, then eVerify for 100% of the workers [after the election].

Its like a serious chess game, think your moves out cautiously now!

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Laurie 6485 of CA's picture

Anyone that has an elected Republican in the house should be emailing them with outrage. Just Google their name and it will bring you to their email address. I am in California where it is now like a third world country and the Democrats just reply with a form letter saying how great immigration is.

Reginald 1360 of NV's picture
We know without a doubt that letting the illegal aliens come to our conntry undocumented is costing the country alot of financial difficulties. I want to know why haven't we made a final decision on stopping the cat and mice game with this being something sneaky because the illegals are getting a kick out of how they can sneak across the borders and to top it off they're bringing drugs with them.
Thomas 2924 of IN's picture

The law needs to be simplified. The only question should be whether they are in our country illegally. If they are, they should be deported. You don't get to rob banks just because you have been doing it for a long time and you have children.

Walter 7461 of GA's picture

The judges allowing the acceptance of illegals in this country should not be considered an

American, rather a tool of socialist reform. The idea of allowing criminals to permeate the lives

of law abiding citizens is no less than treason !