A group of New York state lawmakers and immigration advocates are planning a rally to ask Pres. Obama to pardon 750,000 DACA recipients and protect them from deportation. President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to stop the DACA program that granted amnesty and work permits to young adult illegal aliens who were brought into the U.S. at a young age.

When asked during a White House news conference last week if he would shield DACA recipients from deportation Pres. Obama pivoted and instead urged the president-elect to “think long and hard” before ending the DACA program.

Rosemary Jenks, NumbersUSA’s Director of Government Relations, told The Washington Times that a pardon could erase DACA recipient’s records for illegally entering the country but would not put them on a pathway to citizenship. “He can’t grant them legal status,” she said.

Under the DACA program recipients receive a two-year stay from deportation and work permits, which can also allow them to receive driver’s licenses and certain taxpayer benefits.

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Rewards for Illegal Aliens

Updated: Wed, Oct 11th 2017 @ 3:08pm EDT