Immigration and Customs Enforcement now says that 463 jails will not cooperate with the federal government’s detainer requests for criminal illegal aliens - a move that willfully and shamelessly endangers law-abiding citizens and immigrants in these communities.

In addition to those mentioned above, Marc A. Rapp, an assistant director for law enforcement systems and analysis for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also adds that 156 other jails only offer “limited cooperation” to the department.

The numbers were recently revealed as part of an ongoing lawsuit against the Biden administration’s procedural abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement under the foolishly bromidic guise of “detention priorities.”

Unfortunately, the numbers signal a significant growth in communities prioritizing criminal illegal aliens over law-abiding residents. In 2017, ICE reported approximately 120 delinquent jurisdictions which protected criminal aliens who, by a large portion, mostly victimize other law-abiding immigrants within their community.

Federal Judge Drew Tipton, representing the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, has issued a preliminary injunction siding with Texas and Louisiana, who first sued the Biden Administration for willfully neglecting to enforce federal law. However, Judge Tipton’s ruling has been stayed while an appeals court considers the matter.

According to the Washington Times, “in his court filing, Mr. Rapp did not reveal a list of jurisdictions that are considered uncooperative. The Washington Times asked ICE to provide the list, but the agency did not, nor did it provide data about how the number of sanctuaries has changed.”

“Many state and local law enforcement agencies decline to notify ICE of an upcoming release, even when a detainer has been lodged,” Mr. Rapp added in his sworn declaration.

“The Biden administration is effectively running its own nationwide sanctuary policy and choosing to ignore the help of cooperative local law enforcement,” said Jon Feere, who served as chief of staff at ICE during the Trump administration and now as director of investigations at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Several Senators have also revealed cases in which ICE officers wanted to collect sex offenders but were blocked by superiors; Mr. Feere recounted to the Washington Times one sheriff’s office who could not even get ICE to issue detainers for criminal aliens, resulting in the release of alien meth dealers and domestic batterers back into the community.

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Updated: Thu, Sep 23rd 2021 @ 6:05pm EDT