Immigration enforcement conducted by ICE fell to an all-time low this April, as the Biden administration continues to tacitly enact sanctuary policies on a national level, further hindering the legal removal proceedings of criminal aliens.

According to a recent report by The Washington Post, ICE removed less than 3,000 criminal illegal aliens in April 2021. This is the lowest monthly enforcement number since the department began keeping records. April’s number even marked a jaw-dropping 20% decline from just the previous month, leaving more criminal aliens in American communities.

Mainstream media reports explain that the record low number of removals sign that President Biden is doing the right thing to stem the border surge, as his administration is now forced to reappropriate resources away from the interior of the country to assist the overrun Border Patrol.

Sadly, it takes one quick glance at the current status of the border to see that the narrative is not adding up.

U.S. immigration officers took more than 172,000 migrants into custody along the Mexico border in March and detained a similar number in April, according to early figures, the highest since 2001. In addition, the state of Arizona and 12 Texas border counties have recently declared a State of Emergency to deal with the historic crisis.

The truth lies in the continued efforts by President Biden and his administration within DHS to effectively abolish ICE through the use of internal rules and regulations, mainly massively limiting the enforcement operations to “national security threats; recent border crossers; or [alien’s] convicted of an "aggravated felony."

The Administration has now even gone as far as to restrict the life-saving work of ICE in and around courthouses in the U.S., enacting a national policy that mimics local sanctuary policies.

However, The Washington Post reports that even officers within Immigration and Customs Enforcement are seeing straight through the Administration’s most recent gaslighting attempts: “In private, ICE officials say their work is being essentially abolished through restrictions on their ability to make arrests and deportations,” the Post states.

“That’s part of a signal being sent — that immigration enforcement isn’t a priority for this team,” explained Ronald Vitiello, ICE’s acting director in 2018 and 2019. “The odds of being arrested just for being in the country illegally were always extremely low, and now they’ve basically ruled it out by policy.”

For some additional numerical context on the current catastrophe within Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to a nonpartisan immigration data tracker at Syracuse University, known as TRAC, ICE had 15,139 aliens detained as of April 14. 13,914 aliens were already detained by March 31; of the 5,612 people booked into ICE detention in April, only 914 detainees were arrested by ICE and the rest by CBP. In August 2019, ICE facilities detained over 55,600 criminal aliens before their removal.

If ICE deportation numbers continue on this pace in 2021, the agency is on track to deport fewer than 100,000 criminal aliens for the first time since the agency’s founding.

Unfortunately, it appears as if the Biden Administration has no intention of changing its illicit and dangerous path, instead Jen Psaki erroneously continues to argue that the current crisis is "something that began during and was something that was exacerbated by the Trump administration," and Biden’s big idea to fix it - send more tax-payer funded foreign aid to Central American countries.

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Updated: Thu, May 20th 2021 @ 3:25pm EDT