The Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act proposed today by House Democrats takes "responsibility" for the health, wages and well-being of America's workers. However, the bill includes multiple provisions that are known and proven to oppress and harm American workers such as giving away jobs to foreign guest workers, limiting the President's ability to close the border, and substantially rewarding sanctuary cities.

Roy Beck, President of NumbersUSA stated on this bill:

With predictions of unemployment as high as 30%, it is unconscionable for House Democrats to use the Coronavirus response bill to actually harm American workers. By automatically extending the visas and work permits of foreign temporary workers, they are showing callous disregard for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are being laid off and need every available job possible."

Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies stated:

Congress seems hell-bent on replacing Americans with foreigners. We’re going to have 30 percent unemployment or more — higher than the Great Depression — and yet we are going to bring in more people from abroad? It surreal.

Marie Larson, a co-founder of the American Workers Coalition, which organizes U.S. graduates to oppose companies’ growing use of foreign visa workers exclaimed:

This House bill is disgusting. It is an overreach; it has to be called out.

Put simply, The House Democrats’ coronavirus recovery bill allows several hundred thousand foreign workers to get college jobs or blue-collar jobs while millions of Americans lose their careers.

The bill would even allow foreign H-1B visa workers to stay long past the six-term limit on their temporary visas. For example, the foreign workers who are expected to go home in the next 12 months will instead be allowed to “automatically extend such status or work authorization for the same time period as the alien’s prior status or work authorization.” For H-1Bs, the “same time period’ is three years. Keeping several hundred thousand white-collar visa workers and several hundred thousand blue-collar work-permit workers in the already bloated U.S. labor market, even as unemployment is expected to spike past 30% due to COVID19.

The bill even goes as far as providing a massive giveaway to the many technology, banking, insurance, and staffing companies that have made it their mission in recent years to replace a huge number of U.S. graduates with large blocs Indian and Chinese graduates, further rewarding and institutionalizing the practice of replacing American workers with exploitable, cheap, and replaceable laborers. Without the House language, these wealthy companies would be forced to hire hundreds of thousands of American graduates if their lobbyists cannot persuade the administration to renew the foreign workers’ expiring permits during the massive surge of unemployment among white-collar Americans before the 2020 election.

As if that was not enough, The visa extensions are backed by, a lobby group for West Coast Investors; and also matches the goals of Compete America. The lobby group has been pushing Congress to pass a green card giveaway to roughly 300,0000 Indian H-1B workers who are employed in the United States by technology, banking, insurance, and staffing companies. In addition, in mid-March, the Department of Homeland Security said it had not stopped plans to deliver 85,000 college-graduate H-1B visa workers to U.S companies.

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Updated: Tue, Apr 7th 2020 @ 12:25pm EDT