Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi


House Democrats will vote on a resolution to block Pres. Trump’s national emergency declaration as early as next week. The President signed the declaration last week, declaring a national emergency after month’s of record-level border apprehensions of family units and unaccompanied minors. Pres. Trump is looking to shift funds from other agencies to help fund additional barriers along the U.S.- Mexico border.

The effort will likely be vetoed by Pres. Trump, but it provides an opportunity for lawmakers to take a position on increasing border security in light of the ongoing border crisis. Under existing law, the Senate would likely be forced to vote on the measure where there may be enough Republican opposition to the national emergency declaration to pass the resolution.

Both chambers would need a two-thirds majority to override a presidential veto.

Last week, Pres. Trump signed a spending bill despite it lacking the $5.7 billion requested by the President to fund additional border barriers. Instead, the bill included just $1.4 billion, but at the bill signing, Pres. Trump announced that he would sign the national emergency declaration.

The resolution will be introduced by Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) and has the support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

"The President's decision to go outside the bounds of the law to try to get what he failed to achieve in the constitutional legislative process violates the Constitution and must be terminated," Pelosi wrote in a letter to House Democrats.

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Updated: Thu, Mar 7th 2019 @ 9:30am EST