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But, NumbersUSA’s Director of Government Relations Rosemary Jenks said the congressmen are “misunderstanding” what the H-1B visa program actually does, as far as Americans being replaced by cheaper, foreign workers.

“This doesn’t have any impact on outsourcing jobs,” Jenks told Breitbart Texas. “H-1B’s are coming here. This shows a misunderstanding of the entire H-1B program. H-1B has nothing to do with moving jobs abroad.”

Jenks told Breitbart Texas that this H-1B bill is not actually reform at all, and instead is “just another case of Members of Congress being sadly confused.”

“This is pathetic,” Jenks said. They need to actually understand what the H-1B program is. This would have zero impact.”

The bill states that it would “prevent the transfer of knowledge from United States workers for the purpose of facilitating their jobs being moved abroad.”

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Updated: Wed, Sep 13th 2017 @ 9:40am EDT