Yesterday Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) tweeted from his official twitter account that he will sign a new law that would ban sanctuary cities in the state of Texas. He also said he has already issued an order to cut funding to sanctuary cities.

The twitter comment was in response to a question asking the governor if he could do anything to reverse Austin’s pledge to remain a sanctuary city despite President-elect Trump vowing to block federal funding to any city who ignores ICE detainer requests and gives sanctuary to illegal aliens.

Gov. Abbott has about $250 million in the two-year state budget for grants to law enforcement departments that could withhold from those who refuse to enforce federal immigration law.

Some sanctuary cities, such as San Francisco, facilitate the ability of illegal aliens to live in the U.S. by issuing ID cards making them eligible for government services. Others bar employees, including police, from inquiring about a person's immigration status. Within the past few years, many have begun to deny ICE detainer (hold) requests for criminal aliens, or to prohibit police from calling ICE when a criminal alien’s release is pending.

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Updated: Tue, Nov 29th 2016 @ 2:58pm EST

Philip 5927 of AZ's picture

Thanks to past and present cowardly and corrupt public officials, so many sanctuary cities evidently make federal law enforcement ineffective.

Sickeningly, they appeased some big name illegal immigrant support groups as National Council of La Raza, Mexican American Legal Defense & Education and League of United Latin American Citizens, who have no respect for the law, by creating these sanctuary cities that give criminal illegal aliens immunity to deportation. 

They should be held accountable for creating those sanctuary cities that have resulted in so many unnecessary deaths. They are deaf to so many innocent victims of violent illegal immigrant crime calling for end to sanctuary cities. Many corrupt sheriffs, mayors, city councils and governors are letting many million criminal illegal aliens loose into the communities.

All the sanctuary cities must be gone for good. Put American citizens' safety and security first. No more special treatment for criminal illegal aliens!

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James 7427 of KS's picture

Wasn't Greg Abbott the Texas Attorney General who launched the lawsuit against DAPA too?  With these things, he might be a good cabinet pick for the incoming administration.

Deborah 3700 of TX's picture

Thank you, Governor Abbott, for all you do to put public safety first.  Arizona and Texas are really on the frontlines of this battle.  We cannot afford to send our Texas Governor to Washington D.C.  when things are really heating up here.  We must hold the line.

Mark & Kimberly 1222 of TX's picture

I'm so very proud of Governor Abbott; what a blessing he is to our state. The astronomical amount of taxpayer dollars being poured out to provide for illegal aliens should be spent on reducing the national debt!! Americans have had it with Obama's financial rewarding of law-breaking illegals! By all means, Governor, ban sanctuary cities and cut off all funding. Bravo!!! 

George 3917 of NV's picture

All Republican Governors shoud and must do the same, the true Americans hard working class are tired and fed up with the IA taken over our Communities enough is enough, President Trump will stop this invasion and We the People will take our Country back to MAGA

Jackie 6585 of NJ's picture

We need to make sure we get rid of every single sanctuary city, especially San Francisco and New York City.  Either they capitulate or its a fight.  And we can win as evidenced by the Trump victory.

Dustin 2480 of CA's picture

Excellent job Mr. Governor. Law and Order is necessary, well done.

It is ridiculous that pundits and even congressmen say nothing about ILLEGAL immigrants who have committed further crimes. LaRaza, Lulac, and even the ACLU ought to be ashamed of their organizations.

Politicians like Luis Gutierrez who stood next to Rohm Emanuel in Chicago in defiance to Donald Trump's election. Well he ought to be outed and ashamed. Who do these people think they work for, ILLEGAL immigrants? He stood there with a look of contempt and bitterness. They want to keep sanctuary city status. Free this free that for all. Oh you are here ILLEGALLY, esta bien (its all good). These people don't acknowledge the many who have been murdered or attacked or raped by ILLEGAL immigrants (Remember Kate of San Francisco). ILLEGAL immigrant's who shouldn't of been in the country in the first place. Some of them were deported and came back.......................................

Youtube: The Illegal Invasion of America

Maybe the supporters of sanctuary cities need to watch that video.

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Marilyn 6431 of TX's picture

I am curious...what is taking so long with this?  Sanctuary cities should have been defunded when they first started.  As a loyal, tax-paying citizen, I resent my tax dollars being used for illegals in any way, shape or form.

Van 0864 of VA's picture

Bush and Obama wanted so called comprehensive immigration reform and gladly looked the other way. And sanctuary city bills never got passed the Senate.

Steven D. 1836 of CO's picture

I so look forward to the end of that. I am really believing after all the years of effort by NumbersUSA members, that we're finally going to see the fruit of our labor.

What always offended me is how the bar was slowly moved over the last 30 years to where you can't even talk about illegal aliens to the other side of the argument without them calling you a bigot, racist, xenophobe and hater of immigrants.

The word 'illegal' has been expunged from their vocabulary, and it's like they wear audio filters that block out that word.

It's as if they believe foreigners have a legal right to run across our border and stay here and be treated every last bit as citizens.

FINALLY, reality comes to wake these people from their silly dream.

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Steven D. 1836 of CO's picture

Governor Abbott,

Good work!

I look forward to finally getting this problem solved by the coordinated efforts of the Trump administration, Congress and state efforts. It will get done and sanctuary cities (in California especially where the need is most severe) will have their backs broken and finally submit to Federal immigration law, which the states do not have a constitutional right to impede or even assist in the violation of.

Our constitution clearly spells out that immigration law is the sole province of the Federal of its few responsibilities. States do not have any right to impede Federal immigration enforcement, though they have not been required to round up illegal aliens (which is a completely different thing).

I hope to see unimpeded cooperation by police in places like San Francisco, which currently goes so far as to aid and abet violation of immigration law by issuing ID cards to these people so they can get benefits and stay here indefinitely.

The future looks very hopeful.

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