Yesterday Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) tweeted from his official twitter account that he will sign a new law that would ban sanctuary cities in the state of Texas. He also said he has already issued an order to cut funding to sanctuary cities.

The twitter comment was in response to a question asking the governor if he could do anything to reverse Austin’s pledge to remain a sanctuary city despite President-elect Trump vowing to block federal funding to any city who ignores ICE detainer requests and gives sanctuary to illegal aliens.

Gov. Abbott has about $250 million in the two-year state budget for grants to law enforcement departments that could withhold from those who refuse to enforce federal immigration law.

Some sanctuary cities, such as San Francisco, facilitate the ability of illegal aliens to live in the U.S. by issuing ID cards making them eligible for government services. Others bar employees, including police, from inquiring about a person's immigration status. Within the past few years, many have begun to deny ICE detainer (hold) requests for criminal aliens, or to prohibit police from calling ICE when a criminal alien’s release is pending.

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Updated: Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 2:55pm EST