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“It’s almost like Tillis just ignored Trump’s victory,” Chris Chmielenski with NumbersUSA told Breitbart Texas.

Both Krikorian and Chmielenski said establishment Republicans and Democrats will use amnesty and portray it as a necessary measure after Trump’s border wall is finished being constructed along the US-Mexico Border.

“It’s almost certain that guys like Tillis are going to say in six months or a year, ‘Look we have fixed enforcement problems, now we have to move onto amnesty’,” Krikorian said.

“One of the most offensive pieces is to trade enforcement for amnesty,” Chmieleski said. “The American people want enforcement. The people made that clear.”

Chmielenski said his biggest concern with Tillis’ legislation, apart from the amnesty component, is that it would increase current immigration levels, which are already considered higher than average.

“My assumption is that so much focus has been put on the amnesty component, but it’s going to have immigration increases,” Chmielenski said. “Most bills since 1965 have had immigration increases.”

“Tillis has been a strong advocate for increasing legal immigration numbers,” Chmielenski continued. “He’s said in the past that not enough workers are coming in.”

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Updated: Wed, Aug 30th 2017 @ 2:30pm EDT