Disney Workers Replaced By Foreign H-1B workers


A Sarasota, Fla. news station, WWSB, interviewed two former Disney employees who had been laid off after training their foreign-worker H-1B visa replacements. David Powers and Leo Perrero both worked for Disney for over 10 years, receiving some of the highest recognition Disney could offer, only to be told they were being laid off and had 90 days to train their replacements in order to receive the bonuses they had been promised.

"So many American workers, across the country, hundreds of thousands are losing their jobs because they're being replaced by foreign workers," says Sarasota-based employment Attorney Sara Blackwell, who is representing both men.

"I felt extremely un-American,” Perrero says. “I felt like I was part of destroying our economy because I had to train a replacement that was going to come here, take my job and potentially take other people's jobs."

Watch the interview below:


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Updated: Thu, Jun 8th 2017 @ 3:30pm EDT