More than 200 ICE detainer requests were declined during the week of Jan. 28 – Feb. 3, according to the first Weekly Declined Detainer Outcome Report from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This weekly report was mandated by Pres. Trump in his Jan. 25 interior enforcement executive order.

The weekly report includes all current sanctuary jurisdictions that decline ICE detainer requests and lists the type of crimes each illegal alien was charged or convicted with in those jurisdictions. It also includes a table that shows why each county, city, or agency does not cooperate with ICE, whether it is a law, regulation, or policy.

This report is important since Pres. Trump has said he will cut off federal funding to sanctuary jurisdictions who refuse to enforce federal immigration laws.

The report notes that they only include the detainer once it has been confirmed declined, despite when it was issued. Some of the 206 declined detainers were issued before Pres. Trump became president. In the report, ICE notes that in some cases ICE officers had stopped issuing detainers in known uncooperative jurisdictions so they expect this number to increase as the requests resume in those areas.

The report shows that ICE issued a total of 3,083 detainers that week though they will not know exactly how many of those were honored or declined yet. According to the report the types of crimes committed by illegal aliens, who were then released back into the local community, included domestic violence, assault and sexual assault, burglary, DUI, drugs, forgery, and traffic offenses.

During this week the top ten non-cooperating counties are Clark County, Nevada; Nassau County, New York; Cook County, Illinois; Montgomery County, Iowa; Snohomish County, Washington; Franklin County, New York; Washington County, Oregon; Alachua County, Florida; Franklin County, Iowa; and Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

“When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release serious criminal offenders, it undermines ICE’s ability to protect the public safety and carry out its mission,” Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan said in a press release.

“Our goal is to build cooperative, respectful relationships with our law enforcement partners. We will continue collaborating with them to help ensure that illegal aliens who may pose a threat to our communities are not released onto the streets to potentially harm individuals living within our communities,” he said.

We have created a map below that shows which jurisdictions declined detainers and what crimes were committed by the illegal alien who was released based on the information found in the ICE report.

*To view the type of crimes committed by the illegal aliens click on this image on the map below.

You can view the full ICE report here.

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Updated: Wed, Apr 5th 2017 @ 12:20pm EDT