A group of Disney tech workers have dropped their lawsuit against the company after a years-long effort to hold the company accountable for replacing them with foreign workers and forcing them to train them.

The workers' attorney, Sara Blackwell, said it was difficult to challenge Disney for using a lawful program to replace the American workers.

​"​We lost because what Disney did is legal. It is acceptable in this nation," Blackwell said.

Disney used the H-1B program to hire foreign tech workers to replace at least 135 American workers. As a condition of their severance and bonus pay, Disney then made the workers train their foreign-worker replacements. The company claimed that the move was part of a larger IT restruction, but the workers claim it was a cost-cutting measure. Many of the fired workers were longtime employees who had received awards of excellency for their work.

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Updated: Fri, May 25th 2018 @ 11:50am EDT