Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration (EBI) thanked Rep. Bob Goodlatte in a hand-delivered letter today for H.R. 4760, the Securing America's Future Act, saying that it comes "closest" to prioritizing the "promises made to the American people," and called on congress to "strengthen" the current provisions outlined in the bill. The group emphasized measures that must be in the bill -- border security, ending chain migration and the visa lottery, cracking down on "sanctuary cities," and mandating E-Verify nationwide -- as a prerequisite to any DACA amnesty or path to citizenship agreement.

Honorable Chairman Goodlatte and all Members of Congress, As faith leaders, we thank you for the Securing America's Future Act. This 'Goodlatte bill' is closest to the promises made to the American people, though we feel it could be stronger still.

Only action will rebuild trust. After seven (7) U.S. amnesties, and few if any promises kept to the American people, we ask that your bill require the following measures before offering amnesty and/or a path to citizenship to undocumented people in our nation:

  • First build the border wall, as promised and funded years ago.
  • Upgrade border patrol and I.C.E. staffing.
  • End chain migration and diversity visas.
  • End "sanctuary cities."
  • Add voter integrity verification measures in all states.
  • Implement e-Verify in all states to help millions of Americans back to work.

While gracious to many undocumented people, your bill must prioritize U.S. citizens of every ethnicity, many of whom are hurting from unemployment, poverty, crime and drug addiction largely due to open borders and resulting social strife.

Alternative bills are insufficient as they tend to:

  • Prioritize undocumented criminals over law-abiding Americans.
  • Obstruct the process of legal immigration and rule of law.
  • Enable unsustainable chain migration.
  • Put politics before love and common sense Biblical principles.
  • Push the immigration problem further down the road, with no real solutions.

We are challenging 'faith' groups with economic self-interest in porous borders, as some are highly funded to facilitate high levels of migration and refugee resettlement (USASpending.Gov). The enormous funding of the Obama-era "welcome" and refugee industry has broken up many families.

People here illegally are four (4) times more likely to earn federal criminal sentences. 820,000 illegals are convicted criminals. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, 642,000 crimes were committed against Texans alone, by over 200,000 illegals, over seven years. Secretary 2 Rick Perry stated, 'That is the cost of not securing the border.' As the Center for Immigration Studies has documented, an $18 billion wall would quickly pay for itself by reducing crime.

We do not use the term 'Sanctuary cities.' Sanctus means 'holy,' and as extremists inflame pride, entitlement and lawlessness, they breed crime and human tragedy -- the opposite of holiness. Criminal Cities are not places of love, but of political warfare toward their stated goal of a Permanent Progressive Majority. 'Undocumented' people are quickly 'documented' to vote, and George Soros's circle admits their 'Rent-a-minister' strategy to shamefully feign moral high ground.

Scripture does not teach open borders, but wise welcome. We're to embrace the 'ger,' the one who comes as a convert and blessing, like Ruth and Rahab. We're to show hospitality to wellmeaning invited guests. And we're to exclude and deport people who do not come as a blessing but as a danger. Nehemiah & Ezra helped their nation rebuild its faith, culture and nation. That required walls, and the whole counsel of Scripture. Wisdom.

We urge your strong and wise leadership on behalf of America's future. For, as the President has reminded us, Americans are dreamers too."

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Updated: Tue, May 1st 2018 @ 4:30pm EDT