Today, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke announced that they will end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) status for Haitians. The immigrants protected under this status will have 18 months to make arrangements to leave the U.S. and head back to their home country.

Last month the country of Haiti asked the Trump administration to extend TPS status for those living in the U.S. for another 18 months. Haitians have received TPS since a devastating earthquake hit the country in 2010.

After evaluating Haiti’s situation Duke has decided that the country no longer meets the requirements to receive TPS status. However, she has extended the status for another 18 months as requested in order to allow for an orderly transition.

“Since the 2010 earthquake, the number of displaced people in Haiti has decreased by 97 percent. Significant steps have been taken to improve the stability and quality of life for Haitian citizens, and Haiti is able to safely receive traditional levels of returned citizens. Haiti has also demonstrated a commitment to adequately prepare for when the country’s TPS designation is terminated,” the DHS press release said.

Currently there are around 59,000 Haitians receiving TPS status in the U.S. which grants them legal status and work permits.

Read the full DHS press release here.

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Updated: Tue, Dec 5th 2017 @ 9:30am EST