U.S. border officials have stated that they have no plans for personnel on the southern border to administer coronavirus tests on scores of aliens pouring through; despite growing concerns that the crisis at the border could exacerbate the spread of the virus, especially as the Administration continues to release infected migrants further into the United States.

Not only has the Biden Administration failed to respond to the growing crisis at the southern border, but the President and his team have also grown the magnets for illegal immigration with eased border security, weakened interior enforcement, and continual promises of amnesty, all during a global pandemic that Biden campaigned on understanding how to end.

Now, the President and his administration are risking another national uptick in Covid cases by restarting the ill-fated practice of ‘catch and release,’ refusing to test illegal aliens before their release, and in the bigger picture - not focussing on immigration policies that put the interests of the American People first. For some context, approximately 100,441 aliens were apprehended illegally entering the country in February alone.

Several border lawmakers are now voicing their concerns over the government’s utter lack of foresight when it comes to releasing infected aliens into American communities, where they will board buses and flights and then set off for their final destinations all around the country.

According to the Washington Examiner, Border Patrol agents “look over migrants” for symptoms of COVID-19. Still, the Border Patrol itself cannot administer coronavirus tests and has not tested anyone - instead, leaving the task to open-border advocacy groups and local governments.

Ironically, these same open-border advocacy groups and local governments often feign outrage when the Federal Government uses this logic to detain criminal illegal aliens through effective enforcement programs like the 287(g) Cooperation Agreement and workplace enforcement operations. Often stating that immigration enforcement is solely the Federal Government's responsibility, and in turn, they, as local entities, can not be asked to assist in such operations.

For context, more than 2.1 million infections and at least 188,000 have been confirmed in Mexico due to the virus, though Raul Rojas, a Mexican professor of artificial intelligence at Berlin University, told the Financial Times in July that the true tallies could be up to three times higher than reported.

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Updated: Mon, Mar 22nd 2021 @ 3:10pm EDT