According to a recent DHS report the USCIS has approved 2,634,328 H-1B applications from FY07- June 30th, 2017. The report shows that over 100,000 foreign workers are imported to the U.S. through this program every year to compete with American workers.

H-1B visas are temporary visas that can last for three years and then renewed for another three. H-1B visas are supposed to be capped at 65,000 for foreign workers and 20,000 for graduate student workers every year. However, foreign workers who work for universities and non-profits are exempt from the cap.

The H-1B program has been criticized for being used to replace American workers and keep wages in high-skilled H-1B industries low by hiring cheaper foreign labor. Around 80% of H-1B workers are paid less than the median wage in their fields and only about 5-6% are in the highest wage tier that is recognized by the Dept. of Labor.

In his ‘Buy American, Hire American’ executive order Pres. Trump called for USCIS to conduct a “full legal review” of the H-1B program.

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Updated: Wed, Oct 11th 2017 @ 11:50am EDT