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Top DHS officials have recovered all but 22 of 2,000 work permits given to illegal aliens after being threatened with contempt charges by U.S. District Court Judge, Andrew Hanen, for violating his injunction against Obama’s executive amnesty orders. Judge Hanen gave the Obama administration till July 31 to void all of the permits that were given out after the Feb. 17, 2015 injunction.

The Justice Department filed a court document
detailing the efforts taken by the federal government to recover the documents including text messages, letters, emails and even in-person visits. According to the court documents, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Leon Rodriguez said only 22 people were never found or responded and their “deferred action” status has been cancelled.

However, while these documents have been recovered, it was recently discovered that 50 other three-year permits were identified that were not included in the original search. These permits were found when one of the permit recipients walked into an USCIS building with one. Efforts are being made to find track down these 50 new cases that violate the injunction order.

Due to these efforts the Justice Department lawyers have asked Judge Hanen to cancel the August 19th hearing and only require Director Rodriguez to appear in court. The lawyers dispute that "The duties and responsibilities of high-ranking DHS officials, especially Secretary Johnson, are vast, and the demands on their time unremitting”. The DOJ has given Hanen until August 10th to decide if he will cancel the August 19th hearing or not before they try to block the hearing through appeals.

The Obama administration is currently trying to appeal the injunction but was defeated in July when two of the three judges hearing the appeal declined to suspend Judge Hanen’s order on a temporary basis.

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Updated: Wed, Oct 11th 2017 @ 3:21pm EDT