U.​S. Customs and Border Protection announced today that they ​had over 188,000 illegal alien ​encounters at the southern border through the month of June alone. CBP noted in a press release that agents encountered an astronomical 123,838 unique aliens in June at the border, meaning tens of thousands of aliens continue to make multiple attempts to illegally cross the southern border after being turned away the first time.

These 188,829 alien apprehensions in the month of June represent a 5% increase in illegal alien encounters from May 2021, despite the yearly trend of migration dropping off through the sweltering summer months.

June also marks a disastrous milestone of passing well over ONE MILLION illegal alien apprehensions with three more months to go before the end of this fiscal year. Proving, yet again, the abject failure of the Biden Administration to uphold, much less enforce U.S. immigration law.

For some context on that last number, during fiscal year 2019, which included the last major border surge successfully brought under control by the Trump Administration, USCBP tallied 977,509 apprehensions and turn-aways over 12 months. With still three months to go before the close of fiscal year 2021, USCBP has tallied 1,119,204 encounters with illegal aliens.

Single alien adults continue to make up the vast majority of aliens illegally crossing the southern border, with 117,602 single adults being encountered by CBP, further undercutting the familial humanitarian narrative pushed by Biden’s White House. 55,805 alien family units were encountered by USCBP, as well as 15,253 unaccompanied alien minors in the month of June 2021.

The Administration attempted desperately to explain away this month’s shocking apprehension numbers, stating in the release that:

The large number of expulsions [under Title 42] during the pandemic has contributed to a larger-than-usual number of migrants making multiple border crossing attempts, which means that total encounters somewhat overstate the number of unique individuals arriving at the border.

Even if you give the Biden Administration the benefit of the doubt and take this explanation at face value - in what world then, would it make logical sense to remove the coronavirus border restrictions known as Title 42. A move the Washington Free Beacon reported the White House is preparing to make - warning Border officials to prepare to process hundreds of thousands of family units and asylum seekers per day.

Title 42 is effectively the only current floodgate preventing the U.S. Southern Border from being considered completely open, Congress knows this, border officials and communities know this, migrants know this, and the cartels and other transnational gangs certainly know this. According to a Senior Official who spoke with the Free Beacon, Biden is rumored to terminate Title 42 by the end of the month, despite the White House's incessant focus on the new Delta covid variant.

The Free Beacon reports that the directive telling DHS officials to prepare for a flood of migrants after the end of Title 42 further damaged already low morale within the national security branches as officials state swaths of agents are beginning to question their missions as the federal government appears to be doing everything in their power to let as many illegal aliens into the country as they can.

"All of these people will become permanent residents. There's no political will from the Biden administration to deport families once they're already admitted. The White House knows that," a DHS official exclaimed. "The end of Title 42 will result in de facto open borders."

For the complete USCBP press release on June's apprehensions, please click here.

Updated: Fri, Jul 30th 2021 @ 5:15pm EDT