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Have you ever wondered why roofing crews seem to be comprised entirely of non-English-speaking immigrants while U.S. welfare rolls bulge, unemployment among young African-American men rages and the labor force participation rate for men aged 25 to 54 is at an all-time low? U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama apparently has.

Sessions recently released an Immigration Handbook for the New Republican Majority. In it, Sessions says, “The principal economic dilemma of our time is the very large number of people who either are not working at all, or not earning a wage great enough to be financially independent.” He’s right.

To support his statement, Sessions notes that 1 in 3 U.S. residents now receives some form of means-tested assistance (e.g., food stamps, Medicaid, transition assistance for needy families), and median family income today is more than $4,000 beneath its level in December 2007.

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Vulnerable Americans

Updated: Mon, Jul 24th 2017 @ 2:20pm EDT