Writing in the online magazine For Construction Pros, construction industry advisor Remmie Butchko recommends that contractors use E-Verify to avoid the “costly fines, potential lawsuits and possible reputational damage” associated with hiring illegal aliens. He says the construction industry employs many foreign workers so contractors that use a relaxed hiring process open themselves up to increased risk and scrutiny.

Butchko recommends that contractors educate and protect themselves. They should “stay informed and up-to-date on the requirements essential in the hiring stage, including technology for legitimate identification, secure applications and background checks. Many companies are using a new technology called E-Verify in order to combat false identification. Not only is E-Verify fast and easy to use but it is also free. This simple technology can help your business prevent hiring undocumented workers by comparing an applicant’s Form I-9 to data held by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.”

​​Butchko says that a contractor’s best defense is his/her offense. “You enroll in health insurance not because you are ill or unhealthy but to protect yourself financially in the future. Think about your approach to insuring yourself against potential lawsuits from undocumented workers in the same way. To keep your body healthy, you may take preventive steps such as working out, eating healthy and having regular physicals. In the same way, you can take preventive measures to protect yourself against potential fines and legal pitfalls that can occur when hiring an undocumented worker. Those measures include tightening and reviewing your HR policies, keeping up to date on the latest rules and regulations, and utilizing E-Verify.”

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Updated: Fri, Aug 11th 2017 @ 4:30pm EDT