Rep. Walter Jones
Rep. Walter Jones


A true champion for reducing legal immigration and stopping most illegal immigration passed away on Sunday. Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina died at the age of 76 after serving more than two decades in the House of Representatives.

Rep. Jones earned a 93%, A-grade, on NumbersUSA's Immigration-Reduction grade cards. He earned a perfect, 100% in 6 of the 9 categories and earned a 99% in a seventh category.

Multiple times, Rep. Jones earned our 5-for-5 honor for cosponsoring each of our top five legislative priorities in Congress -- ending chain migration, ending the visa lottery, ending birthright citizenship, mandating E-Verify for all employers, and strengthening interior enforcement.

"We've lost another of the great statesmen who voted in 1996 and through the years forward for the recommendations of the Barbara Jordan Commission that would have saved the country from most of the negative effects of both legal and illegal immigration the last two decades.

In 220 immigration actions, Walter Jones in nearly every situation stood for the interests of American wage-earners and local communities, rather than for the cheap-labor lobbies."

-- NumbersUSA President Roy Beck

You can view Rep. Jones' career grade card here:

Updated: Sun, Mar 3rd 2019 @ 8:55am EST