The Department of Justice has repealed an extremely effective policy put in place during Donald Trump’s presidency that restricted hundreds of millions of dollars in grants to Sanctuary Cities that disregard the rule of law and endanger their law-abiding constituents.

Acting head of the Office of Justice Programs, Maureen Henneberg, said in an internal memo that prior grant recipients that are recipients of the department's popular $250 million annual grant program for local law enforcement, will no longer be required to cooperate with ICE as a condition of their funding.

She also ordered staff to take down any pending Justice Department grant applications with similar strings attached and start the process over again, rewarding municipalities who encourage, harbor, and guerdon criminal aliens.

The policy reversal marks a major victory for illicit Sanctuary jurisdictions and is another stepping stone for what seems like the Biden Administration’s plan to expand Sanctuary policies nationally.

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Updated: Wed, May 12th 2021 @ 2:05pm EDT