The primetime for political activism is here: August Recess. NumbersUSA is ready to provide you the most up-to-date information on town hall meetings with your members of Congress. All concerned Americans are encouraged to use our new August Recess Town Hall Map to find local events at which to hold elected officials accountable.

You can view the map on this page or click here for a larger version. We welcome you to send any confirmed town hall meetings that are not yet on the map here.

No matter what happens today, there are grave concerns that voters need to confront their Representatives about this summer. The long list includes President Obama’s plans to issue more executive amnesties, the federal government relocating illegal aliens to towns across the country and a tragically long reputation of the government refusing to enforce our immigration laws- the cause of the border crisis we are experiencing now.

The amount of attention being paid to immigration is at the highest it’s been in years. Because of this, a pro-enforcement, commonsense message is echoing loudly across the nation. Americans en masse are feeling the consequences of our government’s failures.

This upcoming August Recess is perhaps the only time many will have the opportunity to speak with elected officials this year. Please consider attending a town hall near you to help enact real change this summer.

2014 border surge

Updated: Thu, Sep 4th 2014 @ 2:48pm EDT

Jm  2943 of CO's picture

Plenty of meetings with Polis in CO; a few for Tipton and you can join Udall for a beer after he brews his own this Wednesday night. Amazing he has no time for serious talking but plenty of time for campaigning!

No amnesty. No work permits. No nothing but deportation.

HMichael 1051 of MD's picture

Town Hall Meetings in Maryland are limited to three by Andy Harris on the Eastern Shore, and one by a Democrat in Hyatsville, MD. How about the rest of Maryland? Are there none by my CongressPOS in Mount Airy, MD? How about in Baltimore or Frederick?

Julia 0329 of TX's picture

No town hall meeting scheduled in San Antonio, but the local TV stations (channel 4 and Fox News) are hosting a town hall meeting on Thursday, 08-14-14 at a conference center in downtown San Antonio. You have to register online now in order to attend, even though they don't list what time the meeting will start.

Rhonda 1239 of TX's picture

I called Joaquin Castro's office and they said none were scheduled yet but they would get back to me ....I'm not going to hold my breath.

Lin 3507 of AZ's picture

And none in Arizona?. Thanks McCain and Flake. Along with Texas, aren't we ground zero for Illegal Immigration? Such a disgrace. (Of course, they are not up for re-election. Who needs constituents).

Aaron 8129 of ID's picture

You forgot New Mexico as well. I have family there and they take the whole thing with a grain of salt. They live in one of the towns Obama sent illegals to stay.

Dale 4976 of OK's picture

Upon viewing the map, I have found nothing for Representative Bridenstine, OK, which is not surprising to me as I have attended his "town halls" and it is apparent that he does not care to deal directly with the "folks". Tightly controlled with no give and take between the congressman and his constituents.

Carolyn 4740 of AZ's picture

If you have questions for your representative, go and get a turn to talk and asks away. Sometimes they don't want to answer but ask them again another way if you can, if not ask the same that you did the first time. Trying to get information from your representative isn't easy - they don't want us to know but they say "Oh I was trying to protect you, Ha! Ask again to see if you can get an answer, and let whoever know you will vote for someone else if he/she can't give you an answer. Good Luck! Takes lopes of patience to talk with your rep.

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Julia 0329 of TX's picture

The Sinclair Broadcast Group is hosting a Texas-wide Town Hall regarding the Child Immigrant Crisis in the state, as it is a critical time to give the public access to those on the front lines of this crisis. Sister stations News 4 San Antonio (WOAI-TV) and Fox San Antonio(KABB-TV) will hold the town hall at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 14, 2014 at Sunset Station near Downtown San Antonio. No US Congressional Representatives will be in attendance. You must register on line. If you can not attend, you may submit a question and watch live.

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Pierre 4499 of CA's picture

The House recently voted on whether illegal immigrants should be able to receive the Child Tax Credit ($1000 / child). The law already disqualifies illegal immigrants, but they are taking advantage of the fact that tax returns can be filed without a SSN. The Bill on Aug 25, which passed, makes the IRS require a SSN-equipped earner in order to get the CTC.

Go here to see if you Congressperson voted "aye" to stop this theft from the U.S. taxpayers ($4.5 B in 2010), or "no" to enable continued giveaways.

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Aaron 8129 of ID's picture

Pierre, ive gone the list several times. I see that my congressman mike Simpson vote for it. But here's where it gets weird: I cannot find my districts other congressmen. They are Michael crapo and Jim risch . They're names aren't listed anywhere. Am I seeing things here?? Where were they during this important vote!??

David 8852 of SC's picture

Out of 7 districts in SC, only Tom Rice is doing town halls(6 or 7). Mine, Joe Wilson is doing none...neither is Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan, or Mick Mulvanney. Why are they hiding from constituents?! I wish NumbersUSA would start offering fax's to protest against these politicians who refuse to do the "hard work" of facing unhappy constituents. Let me add this, Tim Scott, our one conservative senator, is out everywhere meeting people, and we love him in SC.

Van 0864 of VA's picture

It's still early in August. Last year, we asked our members to call to complain about the lack of town halls. That's a possibility again this year.

Wanda & Douglas 2071 of TN's picture

If there are townhall meetings in my area of Monroe County, here in eastern Tennessee, I sure can't locate them. Are the rats deserting the sinking ships? Or any county in this area.

Van 0864 of VA's picture

We'll let you know if we see something but please be watching, too, and let us know so we can turn out as many people as possible

Donald 1218 of WV's picture

Add West Virginia to the "no-show" list! I guess Rep. Shelley Capito's senate campaign is more important to her...These " resorts " that are being used to house these illegals were refurbished by their uber rich campaign donors. The Koch Brothers are two of such investors, so if your representative has received money from them be sure to let your representative know where you stand! Many of our house Republicans are in on this travesty of justice

Van 0864 of VA's picture

We'll let you know if we see something but please be watching, too, and let us know so we can turn out as many people as possible

George 1044 of NY's picture

How about that !! no Shumer, no Higgins, no Gillabrand!!! Just how are we suppose to air our concerns to our elected officials???Oh yea, how stupid I am!!! They are all on vacation!!!!!!!!!

Gary 1040 of RI's picture

Ha, RI has no meetings, however we do have some undocumented immigrants in our state even though RI has 12.3% or 123,000 people in poverty. As an aweful Democratic state RI leads the way down to dysfunctional and delusional politics at it's worst.

Diana 6227 of FL's picture

I have been looking at the numbers for my state. It looks like Florida has the 4th largest population of illegal alien children out of all 50 states. I haven't heard much noise from Florida residents about it. They have accepted some UAC to be resettled here temporarily. I guess that is why our politicians get such low grades.

Rhonda 7512 of CO's picture

Anyone in CO-7,who has the great misfortune of having Ed Perlmutter represent them in the House needs to call his local office (303-274-7944) and demand an in-person townhall meeting. I just called and there are none planned. The call taker said that he did have a meeting and when I asked him where, he admitted that it was just a phone conference two weeks ago. He doesn't dare show his face in person to the voters!

Laurel 6425 of IL's picture

Almost NO town hall meetings in Illinois. And it looks like LIRA (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service) is pushing hard to make sure their funding doesn't get cut by urging people to attend town halls. (They are a 501c3 according to the IRS Exempt Organizations search tool. I thought 501c3s weren't supposed to advocate political action.)

Sharon 5309 of IL's picture

WHY are there no town hall meetings in Illinois??? I know the answer, they do not want our input because we do not want them to vote for amnesty and they know it !!!

Glenn 8690 of MN's picture

None in Minnesota.. These two.. our liberal Dems, make QUIET appearances to their local supporters. Then we, the public hear about it in the paper.

Mary 9540 of MN's picture

AL Franken is for Illegal immigration. I'm a Republican and Al sent me a letter about his stance.
No townhalls in Minnesota.. We have Al Franken and Amy Kloburchar.. big time Obama supporters who vote the straight Democratic line EVERY time no matter the cost to Minnesota.

Ted 8155 of WA's picture

Washington State - I am planning on attending the town hall with Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers on Monday, August 5th. from 5-6 pm at the Lincoln Center in Spokane.