The primetime for political activism is here: August Recess. NumbersUSA is ready to provide you the most up-to-date information on town hall meetings with your members of Congress. All concerned Americans are encouraged to use our new August Recess Town Hall Map to find local events at which to hold elected officials accountable.

You can view the map on this page or click here for a larger version. We welcome you to send any confirmed town hall meetings that are not yet on the map here.

No matter what happens today, there are grave concerns that voters need to confront their Representatives about this summer. The long list includes President Obama’s plans to issue more executive amnesties, the federal government relocating illegal aliens to towns across the country and a tragically long reputation of the government refusing to enforce our immigration laws- the cause of the border crisis we are experiencing now.

The amount of attention being paid to immigration is at the highest it’s been in years. Because of this, a pro-enforcement, commonsense message is echoing loudly across the nation. Americans en masse are feeling the consequences of our government’s failures.

This upcoming August Recess is perhaps the only time many will have the opportunity to speak with elected officials this year. Please consider attending a town hall near you to help enact real change this summer.

2014 border surge

Updated: Thu, Sep 4th 2014 @ 2:48pm EDT