August 2015 Recess is here!

The NumbersUSA team has built the map below showing Congressional town halls and 2016 Presidential candidate events around the country. Click on the map and zoom in to find events near you.

red pin = Republican Congressman or Senator Event
red star = Republican Presidential Candidate Event
blue pin = Democrat Congressman or Senator Event
blue star= Democrat Presidential Candidate Event

Click here for a full screen version of the map.

To ask the NumbersUSA team a question about an event, report an error on the map or to add an event to the map, please email the Manager of Local Activism, Melanie Oubre at

If an RSVP is required for the event, please click on the “More Info Link” to complete your RSVP.

We suggest you call your Member of Congress to confirm event details before you head to a town hall meeting. To get in touch with your lawmakers, call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Unfortunately, not all Members of Congress have events for their constituents during recess. If this is the case for you, we encourage you to call the number above and request your Congressman and/or Senator hold a town hall meeting. You can also request a one-on-one or small group meeting with your lawmakers. Remember: they work for YOU!

Please email Melanie Oubre at if:
1. You are willing to drive other NumbersUSA activists to a local event
2. You are seeking a ride to a local event
3. To provide any feedback from a meeting you attended
4. To request NumbersUSA materials to hand out at events

If you have a NumbersUSA account, please continue to your Action Board to see specific talking points for August Recess.

Town Hall Do’s and Don’ts provided by

Before the Town Hall---

  • Do a little research on your member of Congress. Know their personal background and history. Pay special attention to that Member's stance on the topic or issue you want to discuss. Research the district staff at to know who you might get a chance to meet.
  • Organize your argument. Have a general idea of what you want to say during the town hall. Use stats, facts, and examples to beef up your argument.
  • If possible, go in a group. There's power in numbers. It will be harder for a member of Congress to ignore a unified and vocal group of people. Make sure that every member of your group is prepared.

During the Town Hall---

  • Do show up early.
  • Do be polite and respectful to your member of Congress and to fellow attendees.
  • Do find and talk to staff members. At in-person town halls, they will always be there. Introduce yourself, talk to them, tell them your story.
  • Do find and talk to the media covering the event. Broadcast your message.
  • Do be aware of the town hall's format. Pay attention to how much time you are allotted to speak.
  • Do be passionate about what you are discussing.
  • Do tell a personal story to connect emotionally with the member of Congress.
  • Do use specific numbers and facts. Opinions are only as strong as their factual underpinnings.
  • Do bring written copies of your statement as well as business cards to leave with staff members.
  • Do introduce yourself before asking your question.


  • Don’t fail to show up if this is a scheduled one-on-one meeting. Provide prior notification if you are running late.
  • Don’t interrupt the member of Congress, staff member, or audience member when they are speaking.
  • Don’t be discouraged if the Congress member disagrees with you.
  • Don’t underestimate your importance. As an informed voter, you have the power to influence your member of Congress as well as others in your community.
  • Don’t make your message confusing by trying to say too much at once. This is where preparation—knowing what you will say beforehand—helps immensely.
  • Don’t expect to be heard if you are not a constituent. Members don’t want outsiders taking advantage of their town halls. If you are an outside organizer, get one of your local members to talk.

After the Town Hall---

  • Follow up. Send a thank-you note, e-mail or phone call to the member’s office. If you were able to connect with a staffer, follow-up with them specifically.
  • Follow through on any promise you made to the member of Congress or staff.
  • Be consistent and persistent. Keep showing up to town hall meetings and contacting the member's offices.

Updated: Wed, Sep 16th 2015 @ 6:16pm EDT