A senior-level official within Customs and Border Protection - speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the Biden Administration’s gag order preventing officials from informing the public on the ever-growing border surge - recently provided Breitbart with an estimated number of illegal aliens escaping apprehension after crossing the border.

According to the source who spoke with Breitbart Texas, approximately 900 aliens per day eluded apprehension across the border over at least the last two weeks.

Earlier this March, ‘got-away’ totals reached 118,000 for FY21, now the CBP source reports that the total easily exceeds 130,000 illegal aliens who evaded capture and are now somewhere in the United States.

According to the Breitbart report:

The [got-away] metric is usually not released by DHS. It is achieved by counting illegal immigrants who ultimately escape Border Patrol apprehension after being observed by aircraft platforms and camera systems. In addition, Border Patrol agents use traditional sign-cutting techniques to identify footprints where cameras do not capture the crossing. “That’s where it gets tricky,” says one agent who did not wish to be identified. “On a small trail, dozens can walk all over each other’s footprints, so you just do your best. Often, they’ll glue carpet to the soles of their shoes.”

However, sources who spoke to the news organization accurately recognized that the typical calculations done to reach a ‘got-away’ estimate, often come up short and fail to truly reflect the reality at the border. All the while, CBP reported its highest apprehension totals for the month of February since 2006.

The CBP whistleblower concluded that the humanitarian needs of alien families and minors have forced the Border Patrol to close operations in remote areas - leaving the border itself undermanned, worsening what already can only be described as a crisis. ”Homeland Security is focused strictly on the optics of the border and not the underlying vulnerabilities, the source complain[ed].”

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Updated: Thu, Apr 8th 2021 @ 5:40pm EDT