An op-ed by Thomas Broadwater in Investor's Business Daily argues that blue-collar work visas "are boxing millions of minority citizens out of jobs."

Broadwater elaborates:

The number of good-paying blue collar jobs is shrinking. Since 1980, America has lost more than 12 million manufacturing jobs to automation or offshoring. Wages have stagnated.

Competition is fierce for the jobs that remain. So it's ludicrous that Congress is currently trying to quadruple the number of low-skill work visas for manufacturing, construction, and landscaping positions. The move would hold down wages and make it harder for minorities to secure employment.

Widespread employment would cure many of the problems plaguing minority American communities.

BuzzFeed News reported in December that "companies across the country in a variety of industries have made it all but impossible for U.S. workers to learn about job openings that they are supposed to be given first crack at. When workers do find out, they are discouraged from applying. And if, against all odds, Americans actually get hired, they often are treated worse and paid less than foreign workers doing the same job, in order to drive the Americans to quit...."

And a New York Times editorial from July wrote: "Why would Congress expand the H-2B system? Because businesses that profit from cheap and subservient labor are demanding that it do so. Employers are supposed to recruit American workers before they hire H-2B workers. They are also supposed to pay guest workers the prevailing wage Americans would earn. Legal loopholes and lax enforcement have allowed them to sidestep those rules."

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Updated: Wed, Dec 14th 2016 @ 4:10pm EST

Sidney 1534 of CT's picture

Finally, the secret is out that American's do not want illegal immigrants and visa guest-workers taking our jobs! We don't want corporations bringing over millions of Indian guest-workers so that they can have cheap labor and claim Americans can't or won't do the work-when we held the jobs and had to train our replacements when we were laid off! We don't want every city or state giving documentation and driver's licenses to assist illegal immigrants access to services (free) or employment (our jobs)! We don't want corporations to be allowed to screw with retirees or anybody else's pensions that were EARNED, or eliminate retiree heath insurance that was PROMISED! We don't want to be screwed on our taxes because corporations (so called job creators-NOT) don't want to pay US\State taxes and they keep Billions of dollars offshore! Corporations are NOT people, American citizens are people!! The signs of this are everywhere, and we shouldn't have needed Donald Trump to point them out.

Americans are losing their jobs to mostly visa holding Indians across this country, entire apartment complexes are filled with these guest workers, stores are full of guest workers since Americans can no longer afford to shop after being fired, training their replacements (here and offshore in India). It is as clear as can be what is going on.

This is not an immigration comparable to the past, these non-immigrants are being brought over for the single purpose of taking Americans jobs at lower wages. Now visa expansion is the goal of our bought politicians and the corporate lobby; even the trade agreements (TPP) are loaded with language meant to expand foreign guest workers taking what's left of American jobs. Our representatives say they love America, but they seem to hate Americans.

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Jeremy 1290 of CO's picture

These are such tough issues, but are driven largely by the American consumers inability and reluctance to be ethically informed consumers.  There is this Christian group called AFA, American Family Association.  They have this awesome Christmas support and boycott list.  It makes ethical shopping easy at Christmas, and we know where to shop and where not to shop.  I suggest Numbersusa take a similar tact with simple boycott and support lists.  Tell your supporters who's been naughty and who's been nice in terms of supporting American labor, and we will redirect money to good ones and take away money from offensive companies.  Keep a master list as a hot button so that everyone can read it, update it every so often.  I'd print that out and keep it on my fridge.  "Your vote is in your wallet, always has been."  Like I love to shop Hobby Lobby that way, I don't care if it costs more.  They're on the AFA nice list.  Please tell me Hobby Lobby is on the American employer nice list and I'll shop there twice as much.  Like should I shop WalMart or Target for employment issues?  Should I shop costco or sams?  Dish or Direct tv?  Who's hiring the most Americans and not participating in visa programs?  I've been wanting to substitute Xfinity Comcast, since they do use the foreign laborers for installs & csr, but I'm reluctant to switch because I don't know the ethic of the competitors.  The solutions to these issues regarding outsourced labor is to provide more readily available data to consumers.  This will force companies to admit to the issue, when the power of the purse and consumer spending is focused on this specific issue.  Tell me who's the best company in terms of promoting American labor and values in any given market segment, and I will make a point of shopping there for something. /  Thank you for reading, Jeremy.

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