According to the most recent AP-NORC poll, a great majority of Americans say illegal immigration now poses a “direct threat” to the United States.

A 72% supermajority of Americans are reportedly concerned about illegal immigration’s direct threat to the U.S. - 45% responded that they are “extremely” concerned and 27% responded that they are “moderately concerned.”

Just 26% of Americans are not concerned about the threat posed by unchecked illegal immigration.

55% of Americans said they disapproved of the way Joe Biden is handling border security, 56% said they disapproved of Biden’s overall immigration approach thus far.

Opinions on border security will likely be exacerbated with the new information of FBI wanted terrorists slipping through America’s southern border as part of the ongoing surge.

Likewise, national opinion on Bidens overall immigration strategy will likely be tested by Biden's new 'national sanctuary' policy preventing approximately 9-in-10 deportations that would have otherwise occurred, further rewarding criminal aliens and serving as a magnet for more illegal immigration.

The Biden orders are likely preventing 9-in-10 deportations that would have otherwise occurred, shielding criminal illegal aliens from federal immigration law.

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Updated: Wed, Apr 7th 2021 @ 2:47pm EDT