Sanctuary Jurisdictions declined 47 detainer requests last week that had been issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. These jurisdictions rejected detainer requests for illegal aliens who had been charged or convicted with crimes, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and assault.

Twenty-four of the detainer requests had been issued since Pres. Trump took office.

The details were included in the administration's second weekly report that lists jurisdictions that have policies ordering officers not to cooperate with ICE, the detainer requests issued to those jurisdictions, and detainer requests that have been rejected. The reporting period ran from Feb. 4 - Feb. 10. Nearly half of rejected detainer requests had been issued by the Obama administration several months ago.

California, New York City, Washington, and Travis County (Austin, Texas) have declined the majority of the detainers since the reports began on Jan. 28, 2017.

Of the 24 more recent detainer requests rejected by sanctuary jurisdictions, three were charged with domestic violence (2 charged, 1 convicted), 11 were charged with assault (8 charged, 3 convicted), one was charged with sexual assault, and the nine others were charged with more minor crimes, including drug possession, identity theft, and burglary.

You can view the ICE report here.

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Updated: Thu, Apr 13th 2017 @ 1:10pm EDT