Reps. Pete Sessions (R-Texas), Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), and Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) have sent letters to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to investigate and revoke the over 1,800 illegal aliens who were mistakenly given U.S. citizenship due to the lack of information sharing and system failures in DHS. These actions are in response to the inspector general report that showed that over 800 illegal aliens who had orders of deportation were granted citizenship because their fingerprints had not been uploaded to the digital database.

"Last week's disturbing report from the Office of the Inspector General shined light on the failure of this Administration to effectively enforce our immigration laws. It is completely unacceptable to fraudulently grant the rights and liberties that come with a U.S. citizenship to 1,800 virtually unknown individuals. We don't know what countries they are from, we don't have any of their biometric data, and we simply don't know anything about these individuals.  This Administration's glaring lack of judgment has made a mockery of our immigration system and jeopardized our national security. I will continue to push for answers and hold this Administration accountable for their irresponsible actions," Rep. Sessions said in his press release.

In their letter to Secretary Johnson, Rep. Goodlatte and Rep. Gowdy demanded that DHS initiate an investigation and start denaturalization proceedings on every illegal alien who was granted citizenship by using fraudulent information.

“As you also know, federal law allows USCIS to refer an individual to the Department of Justice for denaturalization proceedings in the case of an individual who USCIS believes to have “illegally procured or procured by concealment of a material fact or by willful misrepresentation,” naturalization. Federal law also allows such referrals for criminal prosecution. 

Thus, we request that you initiate a plan to investigate and refer for criminal prosecution and denaturalization proceedings, each individual in the group described by the IG to have been naturalized based on a fraudulent identity and despite having fingerprints that were not previously entered into the system,” their letter said.

Read Rep. Sessions letter here.

Read Reps. Goodlatte and Gowdy’s letter here.

National Security
Interior Enforcement

Updated: Wed, Nov 2nd 2016 @ 9:05am EDT

Philip 5927 of AZ's picture

Not only 3. Rep. Steve King demands it, too.

(The Daily Caller - 2016/09/23): "Steve King: Revoke Citizenship Of Anyone Who Obtained It By Mistake Or Through Fraud."

Under current laws, there is anything Congress should do to strip those deportable illegal aliens of their illegal citizenship. 

However, I don't believe that Jeh Johnson would investigate this immigration fraud and cooperate with 3 House representatives' demand. He is a professional fraudulent schemer, plain and simple. He does it again and again for lawless Obama.

Obama administration is the most lawless administration in U.S. history. They continually make an assault on the Constitution and the rule of law by hostile acts. Like lawless Obama, they broke their loyalty oath to the Constitution on purpose. We must not allow them to deceive us and get away with it.

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Robert 4907 of DE's picture

Every Republican should demand the citizenship of those illegal aliens be revoked and done immediately.  Then get them deported.

Kyle 3610 of MD's picture

Jeh Johnson is just another extremely unqualified appointee of Barack's, that has made this country less safe due to the both of their profound ignorance.

Martin  1153 of WA's picture

This Anarchy Should have Been a Debate Question for Hillary to Explain

Don't ever blame Trump for not bringing it up when the news moderation EXCLUDED THIS from their questions in the debate. He did bring the deleted emails in by "out foxing" the moderator. Trading her 33,000 deleted emails for his audited tax returns exposed before the IRS audit was complete...excellent rebuttal....probably why Trump is winning in the voter polls and surging too.

Donald 8113 of OH's picture

Illegal is illegal!!!!! How dare any of you Politicians reward all of these illegal people!!!!!! It is your fault they are here in the first place. It is your fault you failed to enforce the laws of the Country. How dare you reward people for your failure to do your job? You have ruined this Country and LEGAL Citizens cannot find work!!!!!! We should slam our open boarder door shut!!!!! Send all the illegal’s home, along with their drug cartels, their gangs and their drugs. Bring all our soldiers home and have them protect our Country, instead of someone else’s. What a failure you have turned out to be!!!!!!! I can guarantee you that if a legal Citizen of America could vote on this, we would all vote to deport ALL of the illegals. You are so not representing American Citizens, you so representing the illegals!!!!!!

This entire thing is a freaking slap in the face to all immigrants that came to this Country LEGALLY. These LEGAL immigrants spent a lot of hard earned time, money and effort to become legal citizens of America. These illegal’s have done absolutely nothing but break one law after another and you want to reward them for their effort to break laws!!!!!!!

PLEASE read - “Illegal, but Not Undocumented“. (Center for Immigration Studies) they have broken multiple laws!!!!!

“Welfare Use by Immigrant Households with Children”. “A Look at Cash, Medicaid, Housing, and Food Programs”

Too bad they haven't talked with American citizens - you know the workers they are throwing under the rug.


Glad the politicians fixed the economy and job market... oh wait - in typical fashion they have made things worse.

Is there any American (other than a plutocrat globalist) who feels there are enough jobs to absorb another 200,000 per year? Each and every year - another 200,000 low skilled workers. In 5 years it's a million. In 10 years 2 million. And don't forget family reunification which means for every 1 low-skilled worker that is let in the country, you are going to get 10-20 extended family members. 200,000 are going to turn into 2 to 4 million per year - potentially quadrupling an existing insanely high immigration levels (1M per year).

America currently allows the immigration of over 1 million legal residents and several hundred thousand workers via specialty visas each year.

Since the 1965 immigration reform act there has been mass immigration higher than anything we experienced even at the turn of the 20th century.

The law of supply and demand holds for labor and the more people available to do a job the less that labor will cost.

Many IT workers have seen stagnant wages for years due to the massive numbers of immigrants/visa holders filling those jobs. This phenomenon is also seen in other areas with a high or growing proportion of immigrant labor. Low-end as well as middle class jobs are being similarly affected by the massive influx of workers.

Some studies have shown that 9 out of 10 new jobs taken over the last 10 years have gone to immigrant labor. Recent immigrants and those on visas tend to work for less and being fearful of their visa status will put up with more abuse from their employer than other Americans.

As more and more American’s are thrown out of work for the crime of being too old many are being replaced with much younger immigrant labor.

During this same time period income inequality between the rich and the rest of us has dramatically increased:

As immigration ramped up in the early 70’s this disparity took off. The correlation of massive increases in immigration and the rich taking a bigger piece of the pie is pretty self-evident… as workers had more competition their salaries lagged behind increases in productivity and the rich prospered while median family income stagnated.

If you look at the following graph you will see this gap began widening in the early 70’s just as the measures (increases in immigration) from the 1965 immigration reform act were put into place.

Of course correlation does not imply causation but it is hard to not infer that labor costs were held in check by massive increases in immigration. Businesses of all types would not be pushing so hard for immigration increases if it didn’t lower their costs.

The late representative Barbara Jordan chaired a congressionally mandated commission on immigration reform in the 90’s. She famously declared that immigration should support our national interests…

The commission argued for lower immigration levels (approximately one third of the current 1M+) in a time (Clinton era) of a booming economy.

However their findings were ignored (as most are in DC).

Fast forward 18 years and we are in economic trouble/depression and the politicians are arguing over immigration policy. Instead of acting upon the previous commission’s findings the so-called Gang Of 8 are looking to expand immigration levels across the board and increase specialty visas as well. Yet unemployment in their states is higher than most:

When tens of millions of Americans are out of work with about half only having a high school degree why are we looking to expand immigration across the board? The poor will have to compete with even more foreign labor. The middle class will have to compete with even more foreign labor. The only people who won’t have to compete with more foreign labor are the rich – which is the point… they are going to profit handsomely for this increase in immigration which will further suppress wages of Americans.

If instead of increasing legal immigration and specialty visas we acknowledged that there are more than enough people in this country looking for work to satisfy any job need - and decreased immigration and visa levels what would happen?

Let’s assume that we zero immigration. A complete time-out such as happened after the turn of the last century when similar wage suppression from new immigrants occurred and the people rose up and demanded a halt to immigration (until the 1965 immigration reform act opened the flood-gates). The great depression and the resulting lack of jobs was a huge driver of this as well… who is going to immigrate to a country with few jobs?!?

Between legal immigration and all the specialty visas the economy has to grow to support over 100,000 to 150,000 new workers each month.

Imagine if we had just 1 year of essentially zero immigration. Instead of anemic job numbers we would be able to take over 100,000 people off unemployment each and every month.

The official numbers (U3) show over 12 million American’s are unemployed and looking for work. Since the Clinton administration changed how unemployment gets calculated and reported it is hard to compare eras but at the height of the great depression we had about a 25% unemployment rate. The officially reported U6 number includes those forced to work part time and is about double the U3 rate – so about 15%/24 million Americans looking for full time employment. However when you compare the broader number of workers who have given up and been dropped from the unemployment rolls the number rises to about 23% - which is very close to the peak unemployment rate at the height of the great depression.

Many years ago I heard the line ‘there are liars, damned liars and statisticians’ and this is nowhere more appropriate than reporting on unemployment numbers. If we reported the numbers as they did in the 1930’s – the unemployment rate of the Great Recession as our economic downturn is called would be very similar to the Great Depression.

In any case – imagine if we shut off immigration. Each year over a million of our unemployed would be able to find work. In just 10-12 years (and probably sooner) over half of the U6 24 million people would have full time employment.

What will that do for our economy? Instead of the government paying out for those unemployed folks they would be converted into taxpayers.

As the labor market tightens companies would have to start finally paying a little more towards salaries. And what do people with a few extra dollars in their pockets and purses do? They buy things.

As purchases increase the economy will be expanded and we will get into a virtuous cycle of increased wages resulting in increased consumption which results in increased production/sales. Companies will have to hire more people to keep up with demand instead of laying people off because of decreased demand.

The federal and state budget problems will subside as less is being spent and more revenue is being brought in.

Any cogent recipe for repairing the economy has to look at reducing immigration levels.

But what are our politicians doing? The talk is they are bowing down to big business which wants even more workers and are looking to expand not only regular immigration but all specialty visas as well.

The first rule when you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging.

Our political leaders collectively don’t appear to have the brains of an ant which is probably why their popularity level is in the single digits.

If they push through increases in immigration as part of the ‘comprehensive immigration reform proposal’ AKA the latest amnesty they will be doing the people of this nation a huge disservice.

Imagine in the 1930’s if we hadn’t decreased immigration levels but doubled down on a failed policy and increased immigration. How many more decades would it have taken to get out of the great depression when American workers then as now would have to compete with over a million new workers per year?

Everyone should be able to see that the correct path would be to decrease immigration levels until we have full employment. That could take 5 years or 20. But during that period American workers shouldn’t have to compete and in many cases be thrown out of work and be replaced with cheaper immigrant labor.

Moving forward along this virtuous path would let those currently suffering from age discrimination find stable work until they retired and improve the economy as a whole.

It is the only logical path to follow if you care about this nation and its people. Sadly I don’t think politicians care about us or have the best interests of the country in mind.

My notes so far have really been focusing on the middle class but many of the poor in America have a related problem due to immigration of a different kind – namely illegal immigration.

I won’t bore you with the economic drivers for illegal immigration but there is agreement that there are about 8 million illegal aliens working full time in non-agricultural jobs in the US.

Of the broader U6 number there are about 24 million unemployed Americans looking for full time work. From other studies half have only a high school education – about 12 million people with relatively low skills – functionally equivalent to those illegal aliens.

If there was a magic switch – let’s call it the “E-switch” where we could somehow replace illegal aliens with Americans – 8 million of the 12 million unemployed low skilled Americans could find full time work. Of the broader U6 figure of 24 million people unemployed that would be a third reduction in the unemployment rate overnight.

You may be surprised to know but there is a magic switch. It is called “E-Verify” which is an optional program the federal government has to instantly verify the employment status of any worker or potential worker.

If the Feds mandated E-Verify on all employees (new and existing) with a 30-day implementation period we would see illegal aliens leave in droves as the magnet that attracted them to the US (jobs) is shut off. If they can’t work they will leave but more importantly those jobs will be opened up and the 12 million Americans in the U6 unemployment figure will be able to fill them.

So if we enacted these immigration reform proposals let’s compare how the country will look over time.

True Immigration Reform

1) Mandatory E-Verify, 30 day implementation for all employees, $1,000 per day fine for any employee who isn’t a legal worker
2) Reduction of current 1+ million a year immigration level to 0.
3) Elimination of all specialty visas.

(2 and 3 account for about 1.8M people a year by most estimates)

Current unemployment numbers
U3 – 12 million, U6 – 24 million

Year 1
U3 – 10.2M, U6 – 16M

For years 2 forward I am going to make an assumption that 1 million people from the U3 number will gain employment and 800,000 from the broader U6 number will find full time employment

Year 2
U3 – 9.2M, U6 – 14.2M

Year 3
U3 – 8.2M, U6 – 12.4M

Year 4
U3 – 7.2M, U6 – 10.6M

Year 5
U3 – 6.2M, U6 – 8.8M

Year 6
U3 – 5.2M, U6 – 7M

Year 7
U3 – 4.2M, U6 – 5.2M

Year 8
U3 – 3.2M, U6 – 3.4M

At the end of 8 years we would essentially have full employment and during this time we would likely see some of the broader non-U6 people re-enter the workforce. These are the folks who essentially gave up finding a job. Because they aren’t in the official U6 numbers but account for approximately an additional 8% unemployment the year 8 unemployment numbers may be slightly higher as they re-enter or try to re-enter the workforce.

In any case imagine the amount of money the feds and state governments would NOT have to spend on social programs for the poor.

Our taxes could go down as more people are working and contributing instead of taking from the system. We could balance the budget and run surpluses and begin paying off the national debt.

This is my dream scenario – a prosperous country with everyone who wants to work is able to find a job. A country that isn’t consumed by spending on social services and whose tax base is broad enough and generating enough revenue to support tax cuts while being able to begin to pay off the national debt.

This is not fantasy but something we could do if the politicians cared half as much about the country as they did about getting re-elected.

Any politician who can push this through wouldn’t have to worry about re-election; Americans would probably want to make them a king or queen.

A Bleak Picture
Employment among U.S. Citizens in States Represented by Gang of Eight

By Steven A. Camarota, Karen Zeigler March 2013

Eight U.S. senators, collectively known as the Gang of Eight (Gof8), have outlined an immigration plan that allows illegal immigrants to remain in the country and increases legal immigration in the future.1 One of their chief justifications for allowing illegal immigrants to remain in their jobs, and for increasing immigration, is that the country has a shortage of workers. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), one of the Go8's leaders, has made it clear that he believes there is "a shortage of labor" in the country.2 Moreover, as part the gang's efforts, labor and business leaders are negotiating the details of a new program to bring in more immigrant workers to fill "lesser-skilled" jobs.3

However, both nationally and in the states represented by the Gof8, unemployment and non-work is very high among American citizens, especially less-educated citizens (those with no more than a high school education). The less-educated are the most likely to compete with illegal immigrants.4

In the seven states represented by the Gang of Eight, the unemployment rate for U.S. citizens with no more than a high school education averaged 12.6 percent in 2012. This compares to an average of 10.2 percent across the other 43 states.
The broader measure of unemployment (referred to as U-6), which includes those who want to work but have not looked recently, shows unemployment averaged 21.7 percent for less-educated citizens in the Gof8 states for 2012. This is even higher than the 18.3 percent average in the other 43 states.
In the Gof8 states, U-6 unemployment was among the highest in the country for less-educated citizens in 2012:

24.4 percent in Arizona, fourth-highest in the country
22.1 percent in South Carolina, eighth-highest in the country
22.0 percent in Illinois, ninth-highest in the country
21.9 percent in New Jersey, 11th-highest in the country
20.6 percent in Florida, 15th-highest in the country
20.5 percent in New York, 18th-highest in the country
20.1 percent in Colorado, 19th-highest in the country

Looking at all less-educated citizens (ages 18 to 65) shows 41.8 percent did not have a job in 2012 in the Gof8 states compared to an average of 37.9 percent in the other 43 states. This includes the unemployed and those entirely out of the labor market.
In total there were 6.5 million less-educated citizens (age 18 to 65) not working in 2012 in the Gof8 states? Nationally 27.7 million less-educated citizens were not working.


The employment figures make the stated position of the Gof8 all the more puzzling. The idea that there is a general labor shortage in the United States or a shortage of workers to fill lower-wage jobs that require modest levels of education is not supported by the data. In 2012 there were 54.7 million working-age citizens not working. More than half of citizens not working (27.7 million) have no more than high school education. It is difficult to overstate the size of the pool of potential workers that now exists in the United States. Whether we look at the unemployment rates (U-3 or U-6) or the share of working age citizens (18 to 65) without a job the numbers are staggering. The position of the Gang of Eight senators is even harder to understand given that things in the states they represent are actually somewhat worse than in the rest of the country.

If through enforcement a significant fraction of illegal immigrants returned to their home countries there would seem to be an ample supply of idle workers to replace them, particularly workers who have relatively little education. Also, reducing the number of less-educated legal immigrants allowed into the country would seem to make a good of sense based on the employment data.

Of course, employers might have to pay more and offer better benefits and working conditions in order to attract and retain American citizens. But improving the employment prospects and wages of the least-educated and poorest American workers can be seen as a desirable. It is surprising that senators who come from states where unemployment tends to be somewhat higher than in the rest of the country do not make such an argument. Instead these senators make the case for allowing illegal immigrants to remain in their jobs and for increasing the number of foreign workers allowed into the country each year. While employers in states represented by the Gang of Eight may wish to further increase the size of the labor force, it is hard to see that such a policy is in the interest of most voters in these states.

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Johannes 9773 of WA's picture
Is not enough to have illegals invading America from everywhere and the government grants citizenship to people that should be deported this is unacceptable from any institution seems that in the Obama administration stupidity, gross negligence and "what difference does it makes" is prevalent and an excuse for every single error, mistake and who knows what else. Every screw up is justified under the disguise of "mistake", "gross negligence" and"unintentional mistake". Who is accountable? Who is responsible ? Who is liable ? Nobody, we have a bunch of morons and corrupt people disguised as stupid running the country.
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Maria 9071 of DE's picture

Squeaky wheel gets the grease!! We have to stay on these CRIMINALS, n STOP them from continuing to break the law!!  We need LAW N ORDER!! Do they really think we're that stupid!! 

William 6429 of AZ's picture

Just like Hillary Clinton, too many officials in this administration are getting good at burying inconvenient information. There aren’t enough prisons in the US to lock up all the crooks in Washington that deserve it. I’m still going to vote for Trump but some crook probably fixed that up like they did to Bernie too.

Jerome 2487 of MA's picture
Should see them in boston the hospitality union local 26 offer them more job protection than an american 96%of the employees working for levy restaurant from chicago here in boston are illegals just visit the boston convention center
Patricia 5046 of TX's picture

Do you really think Johnson is going to investigate himself? He is part of the problem! Can't Congress make this happen without his help? Obama has brought these people in to change our country and so far with no one to stop him it's all happening as Soros planned.

Rupert 7099 of DC's picture

I am mad as hell. How is that the Obama's ratings are higher and higher.  Is it that American Citizens that make Obama's ratings higher are unconscious, they do not have love for this country or they do not have conscience. Mr. Obama should have been impeached long time ago. The American Citizens that love and care for this country should request an impeachment for Mr. Obama and be placed in jail for the rest of his live because treason to this country. I received an email some months ago informing me that 4000 illegal people were granted Legal Permanent Residency by mistake. What are we going to do when 20 million more illegal people come to this country if Hillary Clinton would win this elections?

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