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A “path to citizenship” would guarantee millions more Democratic voters (likely by a 3-to-1 advantage) swelling voter rolls over decades — both the amnesty recipients and the migration chains of relatives they will sponsor for visas. However, Republican leaders may say they want to shrink Big Government, but not if it gets in the way of pleasing their cheap-labor corporate donors and the U.S.


Recent Events Disrupt Elite Narrative on Immigration

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  by  Eric Ruark

The result of the June 23 Brexit vote continues to cause much gnashing of teeth on both sides of the Atlantic from those who expected the United Kingdom would remain in the European Union; many of who arrogantly dismissed the notion that the citizens of Britain might actually want to regain control of their own affairs.


Sen. Sessions: Omnibus Funds President’s 'Entire Immigration Agenda,' Further Disenfranchises American Voters


Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., yesterday warned that the omnibus appropriations bill would quadruple a foreign worker program replacing Americans, expand the refugee program amid serious national security threats, and ignore the existence of dangerous Sanctuary Cities.


JEB: Illegal aliens should be at the front of the jobs line

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  by  Roy Beck

As for jobless Americans, I suppose the answer is: Let them eat pie, or let them eat when there is a bigger pie. Despite saying some pretty sensible things about immigration at the big CPAC conservative activists conference last Friday, presidential hopeful Jeb Bush displayed zero awareness that immigration issues affect working-class Americans.