Sensible U.S. immigration policy should support U.S. workers during challenging economic times

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  by  Lisa Irving

The push for more immigration amidst growing economic uncertainty only adds to the financial insecurity of working U.S. families. A policy rooted in economic fairness would limit employers' access to foreign labor.


Texas GOP Reps. Release Plan "By Texans for Texas" to Solve Border Crisis


Texas Republicans have unveiled a comprehensive border security framework specifically catered to the needs of Texas as it grapples with Biden's border crisis. The framework written "by Texans for Texas" is the latest plan released by the GOP to secure the southwest border.


Lame Duck Congress Chanting War EAGLE

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  by  Jared Culver

With the Southwest Border under the control of cartels and American workers struggling to make ends meet, the House of Representatives is spending this week considering a bill to eliminate limits on legal immigration to the United States. The bill is H.R. 3648, the Equal Access to Green Cards for Legal Employment Act of 2022, otherwise known by the somewhat-tortured acronym EAGLE. No doubt our national bird is flying far and fast away from any association with this misguided legislation as should any Member of Congress with common sense.