PROF. SWAIN: No task too audacious for Obama -- except protecting U.S. jobs from illegal workers

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  by  Roy Beck

Carol Swain, professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt University, has noted in the Nashville Tennessean that Pres. Obama has now promised to lead the way to cure cancer, end foreign oil dependence and guarantee higher education to everyone who wants it. But when it comes to keeping illegal aliens out of U.S. jobs so that unemployed Americans (especially Blacks and Hispanics) can have them, Obama can't seem to lift a finger.


NC Bill Would Protect American Students


A new bill has been introduced to the North Carolina General Assembly, and if passed, would prohibit illegal aliens from attending North Carolina community colleges. Introduced by State Senator Philip Berger, the bill would establish the purpose of community colleges as an educational opportunity for students "who are lawfully present in the United States who are high school graduates."