Texas Guardsman Dies Rescuing Migrants from Rio Grande, Migrants Later Determined to be Smugglers


Late last week, a Texas National Guardsman lost his life in the Rio Grande attempting to save migrants from drowning on their illegal journey to the United States. The rescued migrants were later identified as drug smugglers by the Texas Rangers.


More bad water news

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  by  Amy Boylan

Water is quickly being depleted by a growing U.S. population. This is placing an increased demand on rivers, reservoirs, and groundwater for drinking water, farming, and industrial production. This precious resource deserves our protection, stewardship, and care. Yet, our government officials have turned a blind eye to the crucial component of doing so, which is to cut immigration to the U.S.


Immigration is a "cheat code" to grow the economy, but it isn't cheap

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  by  Jeremy Beck

Adding more consumers to a high-consumption nation is an easy way to make the economy bigger, but the costs to wage earners and innovation is significant, and - at a point in which there is growing recognition and concern about imperiled biodiversity - irresponsible.