Whistleblower: Biden Admin. Resettled Approx. 400 Afghans Listed as "Potential Nat. Security Risks"


According to a new whistleb- lower accusations, Federal agencies knowingly resettled approximately 400 Afghans listed as “potential threats to national security” throughout the United States over the past year after failing to properly screen them.


Japan: A population fly in the ointment for U.S. immigration expansionists

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  by  Christy Shaw

The U.S. needs more immigrants, many more, to "grow the economy" we are constantly being told by economic "experts." We don't want to be like Japan, they say. Yet, Japan scores much higher than the U.S. on most economic indicators, including its ability to avoid the high inflation gripping the U.S. and the E.U.


Most Coloradans say development & population growth are crowding out state's attractiveness

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  by  Roy Beck

Anti-growth is a 90-to-10 voter issue in Colorado that almost no elected, corporate or civic leaders in the state are talking about in this election season.

A new poll of 1,024 likely voters by Rasmussen Reports found that:


U.S. projected to lose 18 million acres of farmland by 2060

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  by  Jeremy Beck

As development consumes farmland to accommodate more people, the demand for food also grows. America's capacity to provide basic resources (water, food, fiber) to its citizens is on a collision course with its population growth. Beyond the short term, however, they can only hope to slow the loss of farmland growth — not stop it — if the national population continues to increase by more than two million people each year.

In the long-term, federal immigration policy is projected to drive nearly all future population growth. Thus, the ultimate fate of American agriculture is in the hands of federal policy makers



Our "Progressive" Immigration Laws Take us Back to Child Labor of the 19th Century

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  by  Jared Culver

One of the few areas of steady bipartisan consensus is that mass immigration is the silver bullet to solve a wide variety of issues in the country. This brings us to the tragic story out of Alabama where it has been discovered young children were being employed at a Hyundai subsidiary. These are the collateral damage stories for the pie-in-the-sky 'nation of immigrants' narrative we are told.