In Uncertain Times, NumbersUSA Remains Steadfast In Our Fight To Protect America's Workers, Natural Resources

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  by  Eric Ruark

America is facing a crisis that will test our resiliency. It's important to ignore much of the noise coming from D.C., as partisans try to figure out how they will pin blame on their opponents. It is crucial that we do pay attention to what is in legislation passing through Congress to ensure this emergency isn't used as another excuse for politicians to reward their donors.


U.S. Suspending Visa Services Worldwide due to Coronavirus - State Department


The United States is suspending all routine visa services as of Wednesday in most countries worldwide due to the coronavirus outbreak, a spokeswoman for the State Department said, an unprecedented move that will potentially impact hundreds of thousands of people.


Is assimilation no longer possible?

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  by  Dave Gorak

Today I heard a word from my distant past that no longer is applicable to our society - assimilation. An immigration-reduction activist said we should cut off immigration completely and allow "assimilation to work." Well, good luck with that because given that we live in a multicultural country, into which culture is one supposed to assimilate?