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At the March for America, Roy explains NumbersUSA's "say no to immigrant bashing" policy. However, protesting and whistling mimes and SEIU employees attempt to disrupt his peaceful speech.

Illegal Immigration
Misty 5643 of TX's picture
I am sooooo GLAD I got to see this video! Thank YOU ROY for managing to hold yourself together just so WE THE PEOPLE would be allowed to see their TACTICS IN ACTION! This is what future ads for future Conservative
Nyle 1224 of NY's picture
What a class act. It would have taken all of my strength to not take those whistles and place them where it is very, very dark. Truly telling when they won't even let you speak or take video without shoving things in the camera and whistling over the audio.I wonder how it would be covered if this was done to them when they come to events they oppose. I'd also imagine that they wouldn't control themselves.
Robert 9261 of ND's picture
I just finished watching the videos of the immigration march on Washington. I have never in my lifetime seen or heard of people this out right rude and nasty. they want to be heard but try to totally deny any sort of opposition to their views. They should all go back whereever they are from and apply for citizenship in the legal way.
Dustin 5823 of CA's picture
What a shame that our side can listen objectively in an adult manner yet the ones screaming for their way have to act like school yard degenerates. Illegal is illegal and no one coming over the boarder illegally has any rights what so ever period. So why the commotion children? If they wish to become citizens then go through the process. Im also stunned that the pro amnesty people (in the video) where all white. Has all logical thought left this country.
George 2047 of NV's picture
I wonder why we didn't see these tactics on mainstream media. On second thought, I know why. It has to be embarrassing for those who support amnesty, to see the ones who want our freedoms, trying to shut down our our constitutional rights. Thanks Roy, for standing up for America, and congratulations on your composure in the face of such opposition. This tape may open peoples eyes as to what we face. They do not want an honest discussion about immigration reform, and could care less about what happens to the values of our way of life.
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Stephen 2164 of CA's picture
I continue to give kudos to Roy who clearly states the issue and uses intelligent observations and comments to portray the issues. At times in this tape and others, anti-amnesty advocates had to be a bit concerned for their safety as the inciters were busy trying to make our numbers look like racists.